How to Create Effective Banner Stands

banner stands

Banner stands are an easy way to add bold colors and graphics to any display. The large canvas area naturally draws attention where you want it. But before you start shopping for banner stands, there are three questions you should ask yourself:


How often will you use your banner stands? Once, annually, semi-annually, monthly, weekly, daily?


This is the first step in figuring out what banner stand type you should use.  If you plan to use your banner stands on a daily or weekly basis, you probably want something that is quick and easy to set-up, take-down and store, like our retractable banner stands. However, if you plan to use them only a few times a year or less, you might want to look at some fabric banner stands, which come in a wider range of styles and designs.

What are you using the display for? Outdoor vs. Indoor


This is the big question to determine what type of fabric you should use.  If your banner stands are going to be set outdoors, a vinyl graphic will probably be your best bet. This material is a little more sturdy and is less likely to stain. When storing vinyl, remember not to fold the material.  Vinyl should be rolled up to avoid permanent creases.  However, if you are keeping your banner stand indoors, fabric displays are a great option.  Fabric can show vibrant colors and is easily folded for storage.  You may want to view our previous blog about fabric vs. vinyl banner stands.

What are your goals for the banner stands?  Attract attention, send a message, or direct attention?


Now, let’s focus on your design. If you want to send your audience a specific message you want the text to stand out above anything else. Use a simple background with colors and shapes that compliment and accent your text. You don’t want to muddle your message with a detailed background to take attention away from the text. However, if you’re main goal is to attract attention, you can take the opposite approach.  Use minimal text and bright, attractive colors to draw your audience in. If you are trying to direct attention to a certain area, go ahead and use arrows.  Show your audience exactly where they want to go.

Whatever your need is, banner stands are great for attracting attention.  They are light-weight, portable and easy to store.

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