The Different Styles of Banner Stands to Help You Choose

If you want to support your brand for advertisement purposes, then you will often need to use banner stands. There are many banner stands you can choose from, but here we ensure that we offer you stands that are of quality. You can either use single or double sided banner stand depending on the size of your banner and also the needs you want to use the banner for. For both the single and double sided banner stands, you can get them in the following categories at APG Exhibits

Types of Banner Stands

Advance Double Sided Banner StandsAn example of a retractable banner stand is the advance double sided retractable banner stand. It has been built with a very refined styling as well as a streamlined profile. It has a single sided version of it and all of them have been made in a manner that allows for maximum convenience as well as ease of use. It will be up to you to get the most suitable one depending on what you want to use it for.
Pegasus Mini Telescopic Banner StandsAs for the telescoping banner stands, an example is the pegasus mini telescoping banner stand. This stand is extremely easy to setup and it can fit superbly well with graphics of different sizes. It can display both single sided as well as double sided graphics, and it has the ability to handle unit telescopes that are 27.5 inches long to 48 inches wide and 36.5 inches to 96 inches high. Its base or feet has been made using steel that offers good stability. The stand comes with a nylon bag that will be of great importance when you want to move the stand from one place to another. It comes in black as well as silver frame colors.
/wp-content/uploads/SPR-6-2T.jpgFor the spring budget sided banner stands, an example is the spring 6 budget spring-back banner stand. This one is a tri stand banner that has a width of 25 inches. You can get it in a variety of colors and sizes. If you need the single stand or double stand it is up to you.

If you visit Apg Exhibits, you will get a lot of banners in the categories mentioned above. The prices are quite affordable and there is a range for you to choose from. You can order the banner stands online and it will be delivered to you. Note that in the event that you order a stand and then you notice defects in it, there is a warranty period which may differ depending on the stand that you have ordered. For instance, some stands have a warranty period of ninety days while others have a one year warranty. So you will need to ensure that you return the stand within the specified warranty period.

So, if you are in the advertising firm or you are doing marketing and you need banner stands, will be a place that you will need to definitely check to get the best banner stands at a very affordable rate.

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