iPad Trade Show Counter Display – HOT SELLER

One of the newest and hottest trade show display products that has hit the market in 2012 is the iPad Trade Show Counter Display. This product features the ability to utilize one of the world’s greatest gadgets and brands. The Apple iPad. This iPad counter features a recessed counter top, designed to accommodate your Apple iPad or iPad 2. There is an included insert to help secure the iPad into the counter, and the built-in audio port is engineered to allow the sound from your iPad’s built-in speaker to be heard loud and clear. This counter also features a full-color, dye-sublimated graphic. Allowing you to promote your brand and company message elegantly on this trade show counter display. Plus the fabric material used is able to be dry cleaned and ironed for a very long life span. Also included is a extremely well protected and padded travel case. Allowing this trade show counter display to be taken as a carry on when flying. No shipping cost from show to show could save you a heathy buck over time. Uses: Outdoor or indoor events, trade shows, conferences, retail store advertising and promotions, airport promotions, sign-up stand for shows, heck you could use this thing anywhere!

How to use an iPad Counter

  • Promote your brand at your store entrance
  • Have people to interact on your website
  • Get people to sign-up to your mailing list
  • Show off your portfolio at your next art show
  • The ideas are endless…

We highly recommend purchasing your iPad trade show counter from APG Exhibits as we offer the absolute lowest pricing anywhere on this trade show counter. We’ve compared the prices for you! See image below. APG Tradeshow Price is on the bottom row at $255.00 and is anywhere from $21.00-$100 cheaper than others found on the web.

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