How to Choose the right Pop Up Displays

Looking for Pop Up Displays for your next tradeshow exhibit or event? Not sure which pop up display is the best option for your needs? I’ll briefly explain some of the different options for pop up displays to hopefully help you make the right decision.

Three Things to Consider in a Pop Up Display:

First, there are different shapes to Pop Up Displays that are available. Straight, curved, s-shaped and circular. Depending on the space you have available, I’ve found when you can use a curved or s-shaped display. It makes for a much more interesting backdrop at a minimal increase in price.

Second, look at the material that is being use for the graphics. Make sure it is high quality and will last for the length of use. Most people who purchase pop up displays are planning on using them at multiple events throughout the year. Setting up and tearing down the display dozens and dozens of times. There is also an opaque material that is available which allows light to pass through from the back side. Giving your display a glowing effect!

Third, make sure that you compare costs from manufacturer to manufacturer and that the graphics are included in your price. A lot of manufacturers will steer you in with “hardware only” pricing and really get you to pay big money for the pop up displays graphics.

I hope this helps and if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact APG Exhibits. Our experts will help guide you in the process. 866-752-2192

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    Great Article..thanks

  2. Pop up displays are a great solution for your event and tradeshow marketing needs.

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