How to Gain Interaction at Your Trade Show Booth

At the rate trade show displays are advancing in design quality and technology, it’s time to step up your trade show booth. Whether it’s literally with a game or another form of entertainment to get the crowd interaction going, it’s time to come up with a plan, and we can help!

Here’s a list of some ideas to get visitors to stay at your trade show booth longer than just to pop in and out:

Host a trivia game of business facts in the setup of Family Feud where you can include several people on each team or a handful of contestants against one another in one batch with Jeopardy (long games would clearly be played as only one round, as the trade show booth visitors haven’t all day with you). Both will have trivia focused on the theme of your company from stats about the number of store locations your company has to the names of the most popular products sold. It’s good to prep them with an informative briefing of your company and its products beforehand.
Another game you can play with your trade show booth visitors is the Price is Right where the guests can guess the prices of your products. Aim to surprise them with prices much lower than they will anticipate and if you cannot, go with a different themed game.
A fourth interactive game idea with little cost to put together the needed spinning wheel is the game of Wheel of Fortune. This game is the most common with the easy to make spinboard. It’s always a winner since crowds recognize the wheel and immediately translate it to prizes.
With all of these games, your booth staff must be equipped with an arrangement of booth giveaways. As with games, the prizes will be company themed such as company logo t-shirts or stress balls, etc. Even a limited budget works as well by giving sweets, which are always crowd pleasers. The bonus about giveaways is that not only will booth visitors leave with a smile and new goodies in their hands, but your company’s name will be remembered, if your giveaways are custom labeled with your company’s logo.
Set up one of these fun games and your company’s tradeshow booths will be the hot spot for the tradeshow crowds, drawing in booth visitors who will leave as informed potential customers with positive opinions of your business.


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  1. denise johnson says:

    Hosting a trivia game with business facts is really a brilliant idea. It is not only fun but it is also one way of informing the public on what your business is all about. Maybe I should try this idea the next time we have trade show booth. Thanks for this great idea.

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