10×10 Trade Show Display Trends in 2023

When attending a trade show, everyones mission is to maximize the space you have available for your business. This is a challenge that every small business owner faces making it tough to show case everything in such a limited space. A 10×10 trade show display is a great solution to this issue! in this blog we will discuss the top tends and share tips on how to design an effective display!

Top trends in 10×10 trade show displays

A trend that is becoming increasingly more popular is the use of Technology and other interactive elements. The use of these innovations can help your attendees better engage with your display. A great way to make this happen is the use of videos demonstrations or touch screens to better educate consumers. These are useful when you have the customers at your display, you may be thinking “How do I get them there?”. The answer is high quality graphics! The use of high quality images and eye catching colors is the best way to increase booth traffic when competing against many other presenters. Lastly make sure that the display is well made and reusable, to cut down on costs and make your planning easier for future shows.

Tips for designing an effective display

Designing the display is a very large hurdle that many people run into. Many tough decisions need to be made to  make sure the display represents your company in the best way possible. Choosing the right layout and visuals is the most crucial part of this process. you want the booth to have a nice flow while also having beautiful and informative visuals for the bustling crowd of ongoers. These visuals along with the layout can be taken to the next level with the addition of lighting and media. Proper lighting will make your display more visible and attractive. By adding media such as TV or Ipad monitors are great for stopping people who may just be walking by to see what is going on within your space!

Having a well planned and thought out display will reap many benefits for both your business and the consumers attendting the tradeshow. by having a comfortable well advertised space it allows you to have a nice environment to engage with new potential customers and network with other presenters. Due to having limited space it is always great to add little things for extra information such as Banner stands and literature racks to give out information about your services.

By incorporating all of these trends you will see your success sky rocket in many areas, such as lead generation, networking, and sales. With all of these things coming together to have a potentially large ROI, it is a great idea to invest in a high quality well thought out trade show display. For more information about 10×10 trade show display options,  Contact Us today!


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