APG’s End of the Year Sales Event!

Save Now on 20ft Waveline Media & Hybrid Pro

Now through the end of the year: take an additional 15% off of our 20ft Waveline Media Displays; or take 10% off any Hybrid Pro Kits and Counters. The December 2018 sale runs now until 12/31/18 so start shopping and SAVING now! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up-to-date on all the great promotions and discounts available from APG Exhibits.

December 2018 Sale

APG Exhibits is DOUBLING the promotions available during our end of the year sale! Two different types of displays to choose from, two ways to save! So starting December 1st, use promo code WAVELINE15 for over $550 in savings on 20ft Waveline Media Kits. And our Hybrid Pro Kits and Counters are also on sale this December. With promo code HYBRIDPRO10 save up to $3500 on top quality Hybrid Pro Kits & Counters. The end of the year December 2018 sale is centered around modular displays with options for media integration.

20ft Waveline Media Displays

December 2018 Sale

The importance of modular displays with media integration is hard to overstate. One of the top requests we get from clients is a display that can be converted from 20ft down to 10ft for various trade shows. Another top request is for media integration. Therefore, the 20ft Waveline Media Display is a sharp and cost effective trade show display.

Benefits of Media Displays

1. They Draw Attention

Multimedia displays can immediately grab attention, and sometimes that’s all you need to pique the interest of a potential customer. The initial contact proves to be the most difficult yet most important step.

2. They Engage

Multimedia displays are able to engage your visitors, even in your absence! By creating a video version of your “elevator pitch,” you can easily communicate the main benefits of your products/services for everyone. If you add in an interactive element, booth visitors will have a tendency to stay even longer. This results in both positive brand impressions and additional face-time for you to connect with them personally.

3. They are Cost-Effective

Especially considering the December 2018 sale! Multimedia-based trade show displays are available in all shapes and sizes. They can accommodate virtually any screen or device on the market. Most can be purchased with the simplest of functionalities (such as a stand or kiosk to hold your device) at rock-bottom costs. While others have the ability to be branded with any design you wish for a slightly more polished look. Either way, it is a display category that boasts some of the best ROI in the industry for your marketing dollars.

Hybrid Pro Kits & Counters

End of the year sales

One of our highest quality displays, the Hybrid Pro series, is sure to impress at your next trade show event. These displays combine some of the same benefits: modular displays that can incorporate media accessories. However, these displays are also available as backlit options – to really stand out from the crowd! Shop the December 2018 sale now and you can save up to $3500 on your next Hybrid Pro display.

Exhibit Sophistication: Go Pro!

Go “Pro” with Hybrid Pro by APG Exhibits. If you’re a serious exhibitor looking to make lasting impressions, then the Hybrid Pro line of products is for you! These exhibits, counters, and accessories will help you make a big splash at your next event. Impactful and Bold…Go Pro!

Choose a Complete Trade Show Solution

Hybrid trade show displays by APG Exhibits include 10×10 displays, 10×20 displays, 20×20 displays and display counters. Use promo code HYBRIDPRO10 to save up to $3500 on any of these Hybrid Pro Displays. A wide range of accessories and options complement these, allowing you to customize your purchase to better suit your needs.

All items are designed to work together, ensuring you make the most of your space while remaining easy to transport. On a busy trade show floor, where space is at a premium and competition for attentions is high, a well-designed booth is an important advantage. Following these suggestions can therefore make you stand out, attract attention and inspire confidence in your company.

A Long-Term Investment for Trade Show Success

Our Hybrid trade show displays offer a professional-quality product at a price that works for your budget. Especially considering the huge savings with the December 2018 sale! A low purchase price is just one of the ways we deliver value to our customers. All Hybrid Pro displays are backed by a lifetime warranty on hardware components. They also feature a one-year warranty on LED lighting, and six months’ coverage against faded printing.

Year-End Sale

So shop two of our top-selling and high-quality display products and save this month! The December 2018 sale ends 12/31/18, so shop now!

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