NEW from APG: Wavelight Backlit Inflatable Counters

APG’s Newest Displays: Backlit AND Inflatable Counters

That’s right! These inflatable counters are also backlit, so you can be sure to stand out at your next trade show! Best of all, setup is a breeze – just use an electric air pump (sold separately) and these counters inflate in seconds. These inflatable counters are also extremely sturdy so there’s no need to worry that they won’t hold the weight of products placed on them.

“From packed away to ready to display in seconds”

Inflatable Counters

Inflatable Counters

Once you’ve inflated your counter, you simply attach the custom graphic with the silicone beaded edge. The silicone edge is sure to keep your graphic snugly attached for a crisp and polished look. Inflatable trade show counters aid in providing an interaction area for any visitors to your exhibit area. APG has the best trade show and exhibiting counter solutions at the lowest prices available. Counters have become a necessity for almost any trade show exhibit, especially if you have an interactive product to display to exhibitors. Our inflatable trade show display counters can give you a home base for that interaction. A table or counter is the natural center of attention for a gathering of people, at a bar, at the house, or in a trade show booth.

Features and Benefits

The Wavelight counter tops can also be fitted with a pair of USB ports for powering or charging your devices. And 16AH lithium-ion rechargeable batteries can keep your counter lit up for hours! Go cordless and you can move your inflatable counter anywhere in your booth. Don’t be tethered to one area and keep cords from running in the way of your visitors. Due to this counter being inflatable, you can have your counter go from packed away to ready to display in seconds! This saves you the all-important time/cost of setup. And these counters breakdown just as quickly!

Lithium-ion batteryUSB integration

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