The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show DisplaysTrade shows are an integral part of many businesses and industries. Large or small, mainstream or niche, these events are a way for members of an industry to meet and share their knowledge. They can also display their latest work and improvements. Searching through the best portable trade show displays to meet your needs and budget can be overwhelming.

Occasions such as these should be fun or at least interesting and engaging. There will always be a small amount of stress involved, of course. After all, there are presentations to prepare for, materials to assemble and so on.

With so many variables that could potentially result in stress, you don’t want to add more to your plate than you already have. The display you bring with you to a trade show should never stress you out.

Keep your set up sleek, simple, and easy

Too often, these displays are bulky, difficult to assemble and prone to falling apart at the worst possible moments. And we know you don’t have the time to deal with a display like that. No one does.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide of our favorite types of portable trade show displays. These displays are all easy to travel with, simple, visually appealing and most importantly, they’re easy to assemble.

Tension Fabric Portable Trade Show Displays

Tension fabric displays have experienced a massive upsurge in popularity in recent years, making appearances at trade shows everywhere. These might just be the biggest development in the trade show industry in the past few years.

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

Tension fabric portable trade show displays are made in several different ways and have a variety of distinct looks. The pre-constructed frame has a dyed knit-polyester fabric graphic pulled over it.

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

The way the graphic is installed varies across the different types of these portable trade show displays. Some types attach to the frame using Velcro on the front and sides. Others use a rubber tubing that fits neatly into channels in the frame itself. And still others cover the frame entirely, in the same way a pillowcase covers a pillow. There is no one right way to do this type of display.

Benefits of tension fabric portable trade show displays

No matter which way you choose to construct yours, if you go with tension fabric portable trade show displays, you can expect to see these benefits:

  • They’re Easy to Clean

The fabric is extremely lightweight, which makes it very easy to clean. Gentle soap and warm water will do the trick, or you can also try a basic dry cleaner.

  • They’re Easy to Transport

The fabric is thin and flexible and can fold down into a tiny fraction of its full size. Transporting it couldn’t be easier.

  • You Can Create Unique Shapes

With some tension fabric display frames, it’s possible to set the frame up in shapes and sizes that just aren’t possible to achieve with other types of framing.

  • They’re Easy to Adjust

The graphic-printed fabrics are incredibly easy to change, making it a quick and easy job if you need to switch up your message or graphic.

  • The Prices Are Only Getting Lower

The technology that prints these fabrics is constantly improving. This means the prices are consistently dropping lower and lower.

Pop Up Displays

By choosing a pop up display at your next trade show, you’re guaranteed to make a positive impression. These portable trade show displays consistently look sharp and put-together. The best part? They’re also highly cost effective and one of the most affordable portable trade show displays available. They are very popular for first time exhibitors.

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

Types of pop up portable trade show displays

These come in multiple varieties, all of which are slightly different while still maintaining the same basic pop up quality. They can be:

  • OneFabric Displays — These can be either curved or straight. Both of these options are easy to transport, assemble and take down. The curved one is particularly advantageous if you’re trying to fit into a small space.
  • Hop-Up Displays — These might be the easiest to transport, put up and take down. They’re also very easy on the budget.
  • Coyote Pop Up Displays — This type packs a lot of punch because of how recognizable the brand name is. Their displays are known for quality, durability and visual appeal, and these pop up displays are no exception.
  • Xclaim Pop Up Displays — This is another well-known brand name that is sure to help you stand out in a crowded hall of similar displays. They offer super stretched graphics that are used as different panels on an easily collapsible frame.
  • Embrace Pop Up Displays — These are known for how easy they are to handle. They don’t require any tools for setup and are lightweight and easily portable. The graphics are simple to push into place for a secure fit.

Advantages of pop up portable trade show displays

  • They’re Easy to Assemble

Pop up frames are both easy and quick to assemble. The frame simply pops into place, and one person can easily do it by themselves.

  • They’re Easy to Change

Changing these displays is straightforward. When you decide you want to swap one message or graphic out for another, it’s a quick, easy task to pop one graphic out and fit another one in its place.

  • They’re Easy to Transport

While other bulkier models may need to be shipped ahead of time, these collapse into such small traveling cases that you can easily bring with you anywhere. You won’t have the added worry of wondering whether your display will be damaged during the shipping process.

  • They’re Highly Customizable

They’re also easy to customize. This makes it easy to make them fit the theme of the trade show or fit your business.

Banner Stand Displays

Banner stands are an excellent way to make a big statement and stand out from the crowd. They’re also one of the most versatile of all portable trade show displays. They can be used as stand-alone pieces or as one of several banners, all of which work together to tell one single story to an audience.

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

Like most other types of portable trade show displays, banner stands come in numerous different style and varieties. Some are retractable. Some offer a greater degree of flexibility. You can also find options that are perfect for fitting into tight space. Banner stands are the most portable style of Portable Trade Show Displays and can be brought on an airplane.

Varieties of banner stand portable trade show displays

  • Spring Back — These are by far the most cost effective option when it comes to banner stands. They’re also easy to transport as well as set up and take down.
  • Retractable — This is a practical option that wins points for its sheer simplicity and ease of use. Its retractability makes it easy to set up and take down.
  • Double-Sided — Why not get two banner stands for the price of one by just using both sides? This helps you get more for your money and helps show off your brand to audiences approaching from either side.
  • Stretch Fabric — These rely on tension for their construction and create a very sharp, modern and appealing look.
  • Telescopic — This banner is nice because it fits neatly into tight spaces and can be modified to fit the environment. They can be made to fit the length of the frame, or they can also be retracted up from the bottom so they can sit above tables and other obstacles.
  • Extra Wide — These are self-explanatory. They’re regular banner stands, but they come in extra wide sizes to help you fit more into your allotted space.

Benefits of banner stand displays

As with any display, banner stands come with a few inherent advantages that make them excellent choices for any trade show you might be attending. A few of those advantages are:

  • They’re Extremely Versatile

Like most trade show displays, they can be used indoors. But these versatile displays can also be used for outdoor events. They hold up well against rain, wind and other elements.

  • They Can Be Easy on the Budget

While there will always be high-end models that cost more, these banner stands are also available in more cost effective models and packages.

  • They Fit Into Tight Spaces

Of course, it will depend on which model you choose. Many of the models will easily fit into small spaces. They can be retracted from the bottom so they can be seen above a table or other structure.

Backlit Displays

Standing out against all the displays that can be crowded into an over-stuffed trade show or convention hall isn’t always easy. Everyone’s looking for some way to get their display and their booth noticed above all the rest. What better way to do that than to wow the crowds with an impressive backlit display?

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

These backlit displays can come in a variety of different styles. The one thing that unifies this type of display and sets it apart as its own unique category is the fact that they all are backlit by vibrant, eye-catching LED lights.

Advantages of backlit displays

  • They’re Impossible to Miss

When everyone is trying to stand out and make their booth the most exciting and eye-catching, there’s nothing that grabs the audience’s attention better than backlighting.

  • They Allow Plenty of Options

You don’t have to choose between backlighting or a particular style of display that you have your heart set on. The backlit display comes in a variety of different styles, meaning you can have your choice of style and still get the backlighting you want.

This versatility lets you choose whatever it is that means the most to you. You don’t have to sacrifice an important quality to get your backlighting. Instead, you can get the style you want, with the qualities that are most crucial for your purposes, and you can have your backlighting too.

  • They’re Great for Multi-Media Presentations

Because these displays are backlit, their very nature makes them ideal for showing slideshows, movies or videos, which will add to the uniqueness of your booth.

The Importance of Saving

Attending a trade show is an expensive endeavor. There are all the expenses of buying and transporting your displays and equipment, as well as travel expenses and any fees associating with attending the show in the first place.

These fees can eat into your budget more than anything else. On average, companies spend about 28% of their budget on simply renting space to set up their exhibit in. This cost usually isn’t up for debate. If a company is looking for ways to lower the expenses of attending a trade show, they’re forced to look in other areas.

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

One of the expenses you can control is also one of the areas it’s easiest to save a little extra money – your displays and setups.

Your initial reaction to this proposal might be one of surprise. After all, your display is the thing that’s convincing people to buy your product or your service. Why would you want to skimp on that out of all of the expenses you could save money on?

Saving money on your portable trade show display

When you buy portable trade show displays from APG Exhibits, you’re not skimping. You’re getting stylish, high-quality displays that are easy on both the eye and the budget.

The benefits of saving money are obvious. Attending a trade show is a lot of work, and it costs a lot. For it to be worth your time, energy and money, there has to be a return on your investment of these three things.

What this means is that attending a trade show should be worth it. As a result of your attendance, you should have brought in new customers by persuading them of the value of buying from you and making a grand statement with your advertising, displays and presentations. If you’ve spent more in attending the trade show than you’ve made as a result of attending it, then you haven’t made a return on your investment.

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

One of the best and easiest ways to ensure your trip to a trade show is worth it is simply to spend less to attend the show. By spending less, you’re more likely to makes your money back and make a profit. And the easiest way to spend less money is to go with one of one of our displays.

Reducing trade show expenses

Here are just a few of the ways our displays and banners can help reduce your trade show expenses.

  • Lower Up Front Costs

The first area of savings is the most obvious. APG Exhibit’s displays are cost-effective. You’re paying for quality, but you’ll never pay more than you need to. In fact, we guarantee the lowest prices out of any of our competitors.

  • Lower Shipping Costs

You may need to ship your trade show display ahead of time if it is too large or bulky. This can mean racking up a huge bill in shipping expenses. Your display may not arrive on time or it may even get lost in the mail. Tension fabric and the pop up displays fold up into fractions of their full sizes. This makes them extremely easy to transport.

  • Less Work Required

Our exhibits and displays are all easy to set up. In some cases, even just one person can do it. The setup processes are simple and both easy to understand and easy to execute.

  • Less Time Required

Our displays are easy and fast to assemble. There’s no need to ship them, which means you don’t have to spend time boxing them up or unpacking them. Instead, you’ll simply bring them with you, quickly set them up, and you’re ready to go. There’s also less time involved in the actual set up and tear down processes.

Which Type of Display is Right for You?

If you’re attending a trade show in the near future, it’s never too early to start planning. And the best way to start planning is to begin to figure out which type of display best fits your organization’s or business’ needs.

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

There is no one type of display that is always the right choice. Instead, you should carefully consider what your priorities are. Are you most concerned with it being easily transportable? Is it imperative that your chosen display is easy to change and customize? Or are you worried about your budget being tight?

Decide what these priorities are and choose your portable trade show displays accordingly.

Shop APG Exhibits

Once you’ve decided which type best suits your need, shop our online catalog to find the model that will work best for you. We offer high-quality products and we guarantee the lowest prices around. Not only that, but all of our displays are also easy and fast to assemble, meaning you can spend your time on the things that really matter. They’re also easy to transport.

The Benefits of Easy-to-Assemble & Portable Trade Show Displays

We offer terrific customer service and are happy to work with you and answer any and all questions you might have as you plan your next trade show visit.

We hope you’ll consider us for your portable trade show display needs both now and in the future. In the meantime, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and receive news and updates from us.



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