Upgrading Trade Show Exhibits On A Budget

Three Products For Trade Show Exhibits That Make A Big Impact On The Eyes But Not The Wallet

Every trade show season, we at APG work with a lot of exhibitors who aren’t necessarily interested in overhauling their entire trade show booth setup, but would like to make some smaller visual and functional upgrades that won’t break the bank.  Today we are featuring three different display products that fit the bill perfectly.


1. Stretch Table Covers

A newer addition to APG’s lineup, this unique take on the traditional table cover is a great way to add “pop” to your trade show exhibits’ area for a nominal cost. The fabric starts out white and then can be printed in vibrant full-color via the dye-sublimation printing process over the entirety of the cover for the same low price.  The slick contoured shape stands out boldly compared to other standard covers, and is sure to get your brand noticed.

iPad Displays and Counters

2. iPad Stands and Counters

For those who want to inject some “tech” into their trade show exhibits, one of the least expensive ways to do so is through iPad Stands and Counters, most of which are all available for less than $300 (some even with graphics included). By introducing some multimedia into your overall setup, you gain the added functionality of being to engage and inform booth visitors even if you or your staff are currently occupied.

Lighting For Trade Show Exhibits

3. Trade Show Display Lighting

One of the most overlooked aspects when planning quality trade show exhibits is that of lighting. The large majority of convention center floors receive only ambient light from fixtures that can be 30-feet or more above the ground.  By purchasing additional display-specific lighting, you can make sure that all of your brand colors are seen the way they were meant to be. Many lighting types that we carry are also somewhat universal in their attachment, meaning they can be adapted for a wide variety of display elements.

If your company has a tight marketing budget for this trade show season but you still want create some additional buzz in your booth area, connect with one of our dedicated project coordinators today via email, phone, or live chat and see what kind of magic we can work for you!


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