Trade Show Hop-Up Displays: The Instant Exhibit!

apg hop-up displaysHop-Up Displays set up in seconds for an instant exhibit display.

The latest mechanical designs of the hop-up display not only fold and un-fold in mere seconds, some versions allow for pre-assembly off-site (attaching the graphic) and for short-term storage/transport ready-to-expand. With this feature you can literally have some of these hop-up displays out of the rolling transport case and fully assembled in under a minute. (no guarantee implied, but it is fast fast fast).

Strong, light, compact

The design of the metal structure is similar to a geodesic dome and incredibly strong. The strength-to-weight ratio is just amazing. What this enables is having a very large, solid looking wall (typically about 1 foot thick), that can be handled by a single person, and many of them fold up small enough to fit into the back seat of a mid-sized car! Talk about compact.

Vivid, sharp, tough graphics

The graphics used for hop-up displays are printed onto a strech-fabric using a permanent dye-sublimation process; the fabric is ‘stained’ rather than a layer of paint/ink that can wear off, so it’s designed for the long term, and is very vivid and bright. In addition, there is an option to use a backlight and really make your display shine (literally).

Curved or straight, it’s up to you, & end-caps make the wall look solid.

Hop-up displays are designed that when unfolded will end up with a slight curve or plumb-straight. You can decide which is your favorite, the cost is the same usually. If you want to have your wall appear to be a ‘solid wall’ then you can get the ‘end caps’ variation where the graphic wraps around the sides; it’s printed as one solid piece so there are no extra steps during set-up or take-down. If on the other hand you’d like to have a more light-feeling display and show off the amazing engineering of the metal skeleton, you can opt for the front-only graphics. There is usually an additional charge for the extra graphics but some models come with the end-caps included so do your homework. You can start here.

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