Focus Attention With Table Top Retractable Banner Stands

Breeze 2 Table Top Retractable Banner StandsRetractable banner stands — no longer only floor models.

Retractable banner stands are most well known for their ubiquitous presence at any exhibition and nearly every trade show display. They have mostly spent their time standing firmly on the solid ground, but recently some very nice table top models have come to be, and they can have just as valid a purpose in your trade show exhibit space.

Focus attention of the guests at your trade show booth

Very often an exhibitor will need to get their guests to a particular spot in their booth; say you are having a giveaway, or need to get contact information or they need to sign up for one thing or another; rather than have an employee continuously point to the iPad kiosk etc where they must go, it’s the perfect spot to use table top retractable banner stands.

Uncommonly inexpensive

True, they are small so there is much less material involved, but in the typical trade show displays world, these little gems are crazy good prices. If you have the least bit of a use for one, there is no excuse not to have one; cheaper than the cost of one meal out, or one day’s parking in downtown Chicago.

Fundamentally sound design

They are based on the same principles of the over-engineered designed-to-last big-brother displays but shrunk down to be typically either letter sized or tabloid sized to fit comfortably on any table, they are very light, very strong for their size and really can be expected to last. It makes them an even better value because they are built just like the full size retractable banner stands yet because of the small amount of material they are very cost effective.

Interchangeable graphics mean even better value

The price of just the graphics alone is so reasonable, you can get a different graphic for every trade show if there is something you need to focus attention toward. You may even have a seasonal item where you could have four different graphics and just one table top retractable banner stand to put it in.

Find out more information on exact products here.

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  1. Thomas Gary says:

    yes u are absolutely right, If you’re working off site, going to an event, or taking part in a convention, a retractable banner can be a great way to announce your presence and gain brand awareness. Put one in the conference room where you’ve set up shop, set one up in the hotel lobby, or display one anywhere it could get views. It’s free advertising and could encourage customers to come up, ask questions, and learn more about your brand.

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