What to Look For in a Large Trade Show Display or Truss System

Cepheus-2 Truss System

When Should You Buy a

Truss System?


Making an investment on a large scale trade show display or truss system is a serious decision. These can be expensive pieces of equipment. Take the Cepheus-2 10′ x 20′ Orbital Truss System as an example (pictured above). A trade show display of that size and stature costs around $12,000! It’s important to keep in mind how mush you expect in your return on investment. If you think you will get $20,000 worth of sales through leads that you gain at a trade show, then purchasing a $12,000 truss system might be a great idea for your company! On the other hand, if you typically don’t gain more than $8,000 in sales leads by attending a trade show, you may want to consider other options. Purchasing an expensive trade show display without already having proven methods of driving sales leads can end up a costly mistake.


 You’re Ready to Buy a Truss System, What Next?

If you’ve decided that you can general enough leads to, not only pay for the truss system, but to gain profit as well, the next step to consider is which one to buy! If you search for truss systems on the APG website, you can find may different shapes and sizes. You’ll need to look back at all the trade shows you’ve been to before to decide what truss system is right for you. While the Canis 20′ x 20′ Orbital Truss System looks great (pictured below), if you’re typically not in an exhibit space that will allow trade show attendees to enter your exhibit from all angles, this display probably won’t work for you. Instead, you might want to consider something more like the Cepheus (pictured above) or the Omicron 10′ x 20′ Orbital Truss System.

Canis 20' x 20' Orbital Truss System

So How Do You Handle This Big

Trade Show Display?


The biggest considerations you have when handling a large truss system include: travel, set up, and storage. Working with a larger trade show display makes traveling, setting up and storing a little more complicated. You’ll need to make sure you have a team that set up and break down your trade show display quickly and easily. This is more than a one person job. Also be prepared for shipping this item by freight. This usually isn’t a complicated process, but it works a little differently. Finally, you need to be sure you have a great please to store your truss system when you’re not using it. Keep it clean and dry at a moderate temperature to ensure its lifetime.


If you keep all of these things in mind, your new truss system can attract so many more sales leads than your average trade show display. If you’re still wondering if a truss system is right for you, or if you’re curious about a specific display, give us a call at 866-752-2192.

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