The Importance of Retractable Banner Stands at Trade Shows

There is a wide range of displays and tools that can be used to promote or advertise your business at a trade show.  The right display plays a pivotal role in the success of your advertisement.  Retractable banner stands and flag banners are examples of some of the displays available in the market.  The selection of the type of display will depend on your business’ needs, budget, location and goal.

Benefits of retractable banner stands to consider when selecting a display mode:

1. Portability – Retractable banners stands are lightweight, making them very portable and easy to carry around.  As they usually come in conveniently-sized carrying cases, they are ideal for travelling business people who are frequently on the move promoting their products at trade shows and exhibitions.  They are also suitable for mobile sales teams who move around to promote their services.  They can convey a professional message while promoting products and services clearly to your customers or potential clientele.

2. Eye Catching – These stands are specially designed and created to draw the attention of potential clients.  They are a very good crowd puller, and they allow you to stand out from the standard, dull cubicle-like exhibits.  The images that are printed on the banner can be of very high quality definition.  Being tall and easily visible, the banner stands can attract the attention of people from a distance, especially those banners that are brightly colored with an interesting design.  Once your banner has been spotted and noticed, potential customers are more likely to approach your company’s trade show exhibit booth to find out more details.

3. Easy Installation – Retractable banner stands are known for their fuss-free set up. They usually have a spring mechanism which allows one to set up the banner almost instantly.  Compared to other displays, their easy assembly and dismantling make them very popular with businesses, as it save them alot of time while setting up.  You only need one person to set the banner stand up, so there is no need to use resources on additional labor.  No technical knowledge is needed for its setup either.

4. Space Saving – Not only does it save space in terms of its storage and keeping it for further use, the retractable banner stand also takes up very little floor space when it is fully set up.  It is ideal to put them in places where space is tight, but you would like to make the most of it, like in an exhibition cubicle.  The space saved can be utilized for other marketing tools and displays.

5. Durable – Made of durable plastic, retractable banner stands are marketing tools that make a very good long term investment for your company.  They are made to last and can be reused many times.  As they are quite hardy, they are also suitable for outdoor display use.

If your company is looking for a marketing display that is durable, portable, easy to install, and able to effectively meet your marketing objectives and attract clients, retractable banner stands may be the answer to your business needs.

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