How to Plan Ahead for Summer Outdoor Display Events

Planning for summer outdoor display events can be tricky. Weather can change drastically within minutes. Without proper preparation, your outdoor displays can be swept away by strong winds or soaked through with summer rain. The key to working with summer weather is to be prepared. Here are Three Easy Steps to prepare for inclement weather at your summer outdoor display event.


1. Know the Weather in your Region

Whether you are part of a local outdoor display event or you’re traveling to an event outside your area, you need to know what typical weather is like in that area. Florida is known for sudden, quick thunderstorms while Oklahoma is subject to high winds. Monitor the weather where you plan to have your outdoor display event long before the event begins. That way, you will have in-depth knowledge of the region’s weather, and you can know how likely thunderstorms or high winds will visit your outdoor event.


2. Buy Outdoor Displays to Withstand Your Weather

After examining what the weather is like where you will be attending your summer outdoor display event, make sure you buy outdoor displays that will withstand inclement weather. Naturally, you will need a pop up tent, but make sure it can remain on the ground in high winds or that the canopy will not be damaged from rain. Products like our Premium Feather Flags can withstand gusts of 30 mph!


3. Watch/listen to Local Weather Stations the Day of the Event

This is a simple, straightforward task that can sometimes be forgotten in the excitement leading up to an outdoor display event. However, this is one of the most important things you can do the morning of your event. This helps you know how to set up your outdoor display to best fit your weather environment. If you followed step 2. and purchased outdoor displays that can withstand the weather you expect to encounter from step 1. at your outdoor display event, you will be prepared to handle the worst weather that you head from step 3.


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  1. mbaron says:

    Plan Ahead! Seriously, I can’t tell you how many clients we’ve worked with that waited till the last second, even though we’ve produced their displays in time for the event. Last minute planning always leads to lower success and ROI. Everyone is stressed and running around like crazy and the important smaller details of the marketing are overlooked. Suggestion. Give yourself and your team some breathing room and plan for this year’s summer outdoor events now.

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