Top 10 International Trade Shows – Part 2


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Trade Shows Exhibitors should Watch For


MAGIC MARKET WEEK  is where the international community of apparel, accessories and footwear professionals trades information, previews trends, builds business and shops fashion unlike anywhere else in the industry. Each February and August, tens of thousands of attendees from over 80 countries meet more than 5,000 emerging-to-established brands to spark the strategic connections that become the relationships of tomorrow. Don’t miss the Magic of these trade shows.

International Plastic Industry Trade Fair

FEIPLASTIC: International Plastic Industry Trade Fair takes place at Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, which is located at Avenue Olavo Fontoura, 1.209 in Santana. The estimated number of attendees for FEIPLASTIC: International Plastic Industry Trade Fair is 70,000, which is 31,000 more than the average for all Conferences, Conventions, and Trade Shows. The trade shows last 5 days and ranks fifth in the world among the major events in the plastic industry and the first in Latin America with new technologies in an excellent exhibition, bringing together the major players in the sector for networking and good business.

Intersolar US and Europe

The Intersolar mission is to provide great insight into the solar market by bringing companies from around the world together so they may prosper and gain the knowledge needed to expedite the implementation of solar as a significant source of energy. Both trade shows take place in June 2013. Visit the websites to check out the details of each show.

New York International Gift Fair

New York International Gift Fair featured a wide variety of collectibles from all categories. Attendees get to exhibit the products of more than 2800 companies. The product range focuses on four divisions, namely home furnishing, lifestyle, handmade items and new collectables. Exhibitors have business networking opportunities while global attendees see a varied range of products at competitive prices. The products are well explained and demonstrated by the exhibitors so that the details of every range and their application are understood by the purchasers.

Womens Wear in Nevada

This show offers the full range of traditional and contemporary style of clothing for women. Womens Wear expects to see 2,000 lines in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, including hundreds of accessory lines with everything from shoes to hats, purses, jewelry, belts and scarves. The mission here is “to promote a professional and welcoming atmosphere where the fashion industry can do business!” Womens Wear has been around for 20 years and states that this show is a “writing” show where buyers buy.

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