Pre-show Marketing Attracts Crowds Before a Trade Show Begins

Looking for a way to get ahead of your trade show competition? Your company can do just that by doing some pre-show marketing for your upcoming tradeshow booths.

Pre-Show Prep for Your Next Trade Show

The first key is to use social media to your advantage. Formulating a game plan for getting more visitors at your next tradeshow is a breeze when you spread the word of your company’s upcoming tradeshow via Facebook posts and tweets.

Another great way to let your trade show contacts know your company is attending upcoming tradeshows is through e-mail invitations. A very useful website to monitor the e-mail reception results is through Through this website, you can see how many respondents have read your e-mails. If you have a Facebook event for your company’s attendance at the next tradeshow, it is a good idea to add a link to this page in your e-mail invite. This will give you a good idea of the how much interest there is, as well as a ballpark range of the minimum visitors your booth will have. With these numbers, you can also approximate how many giveaway you want to have ready at your tradeshow booth.

When reaching out to your trade show contacts, wording is everything. People don’t want to waste their time at an event unless they know it is in their best interest to stop by. For this reason, be sure to hit all of the reasons they should come in your Facebook posts, tweets, and e-mail invitations.

One idea is to entice your cyber audience by raving about how your booth will be holding the great demonstrations of your product being performed (if you have them). Also if you are doing any tradeshow giveaways and raffles, be sure to mention these. Finally, it never hurts to enthuse the readers by posting and/or tweeting (e-mailing would be excessive in this case) the countdown for the event, and really talk it up, mentioning all that the trade show has to offer.

Making your contacts aware and excited for your company’s appearance at the next tradeshow is a way to increase traffic at your booth at little to no cost. Try it before your next show and tell us your results!

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