How to Properly Staff Your Trade Show Booth


Ok, so you’ve figured out the perfect trade show booth, the best products to show off, the free giveaways, information pamphlets and even the take home information is all good-to-go. Now it’s time to finish the master plan by staffing your trade show booth correctly.

A task that seems so simple can go awry more than you may think. Without a solid staff, none of your efforts will have mattered.

How Many people Should Staff Your Trade Show Booth?

The number of people in your staff is very important. While you don’t want to over-staff and end up paying more workers than needed for the trade show, it’s better to have too many workers than too few. Past experience mixed with predicted attendance is also helpful in deciding the proper staff number needed. If you are lacking in staff, the visitors are sure to move on to the next booth, as no one likes to wait in line. Even when a visitor leaves with plans of returning to your booth later when it is less busy, they don’t always follow through.

If the trade show booth is under-staffed and the visitors choose to wait, their first impression has already diminished from the great start that would have began had  they been attended to right away. It is never a good feeling for either party (visitor or staff member) to feel the pressure of rushing a business chat because of a line. With a larger staff, each visitor can have a tranquil experience while asking his/her questions and likewise the staff member able to elaborate as much as needed. Hence, a staff member is better able to gain the visitor’s interest in pursuing business ventures together.

It is strongly recommended to have staff in matching attire. This for a few reasons: 1. This will unify your team, showing the visitors that your company is organized, professional and legitimate. 2. Your matching team will help the visitors to differentiate your staff from the crowd which makes it easier on the visitors to spot and approach a company representative for questions and discussion.

Finally, the team attitude and personality emitted is pertinent in standing out as excellent. This is your big opportunity to make an impression on potential customers and your competition. Excitement is contagious.  So when customers see that you are excited about a product they will likely get excited, or at least curious, too.  If a vendor is uninterested in his/her own product, why should a customer be interested?  So stand up, smile and talk to everyone about what you have to offer, because, honestly, your product could be just the thing that client has been looking for. If you believe in your product, likely the client will too so.

If you can check “efficient staff size”, “matching attire” and “enthusiasm” all off of your list, you are in good shape and ready to go with your properly staffed trade show booth— in it to win it.

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