How To Save Money On A Trade Show Booth

save money

Today’s economy has had a serious effect on the amount most companies are prepared to spend on conferences, conventions, fairs, exhibitions and their trade show booth.  It is important however, to note that market research continues to reveal having a presence at industry-specific events with a manned custom trade show booth could be crucial to a company’s long-term success. Balancing the price of portable displays against the higher cost of construction, installation, storage and design is a difficult task to accomplish.  Even though many companies try to get this extra money out of their event marketing budgets, they do not want to go wrong and end up with a cheap looking show booth that doesn’t deliver the best message for their brand.  Fortunately, there are professionals who can provide managers and executives with a few money-saving suggestions that will enable you to create an impressive show booth while staying under budget.

Adopt a modular approach with customizable trade show booth

For years, international and regional companies alike have both believed that the surest path to recognition around the conference floor was to possess a show booth that was custom designed from scratch.  But the price of a new design, new manufacturing and spare parts for a custom installation can sometimes be prohibitive.  If you seek the look of a newly designed and custom exhibit that falls within your budget, consider modular or portable show booths.  There is a huge variety of banner stands and frame designs available to choose from in the market.  They come in standard sizes so you can customize them with your own text and graphics (which we can aid with).  Making the right choice to suit your needs can save you hours of design time.

Choose your booth space wisely

Sure, it is good to have your show booth found at the end of a busy number of exhibitors, but it is not always worth the price you spend.  Even if you do not want a place that will be devoid of traffic, you can get more mileage out of an “average” spot in the middle of an aisle, which frees up more space to showcase your booth’s giveaways or incentives.  Decorate your trade show booth the right way, and you can turn an average spot into a hot one.

Plan ahead of time

It is always difficult to plan everything related to an event if you are working full time on your routine tasks.  Lack of planning usually results in unexpected problem like making changes in your trade show displays at the last moment, and costs like paying additional charges for the shipment to reach the venue on time.  To save money the next time around, hire a professional like APG Exhibits to help with the.


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