The Top 5 Selling Trade Show Displays

We wanted to highlight some of the bestselling back wall displays, fabric pop-up displays, and curved vertical displays from one of the leading manufacturers of trade show displays in the business—BrandStand—a company recognized worldwide for their “innovative and reliable portable display systems.” 


Having fostered and developed a long-standing relationship with BrandStand, we are pleased to present 5 of their top selling tension fabric displays and accessories in our catalog of products. 


Many of our clients ask us for suggestions for the best-priced tension fabric trade show displays that don’t compromise on functionality or durability. We would recommend, without a doubt, the Waveline series by BrandStand. 

 Trade Show Displays

There are several different trade show display choices in this product line, so we’ll start with the basic model. The Waveline tension fabric trade show displays have ease-of-use built right in that makes it an accessible choice to those who aren’t yet seasoned ‘pros’ in the trade show or exhibit arena. Setup and breakdown are a snap with an interlocking pole system — and the best part of having a tension fabric display is that it slides over the hardware in one piece, similar to how a pillowcase fits over a pillow.


This is just the beginning when it comes to finding a tension fabric display to mount your artwork, graphic design, or company’s logo. There are a whole host of options with this display allowing you to add features such as plexiglass shelves, monitor mounts, LED lighting, to name a few. We’ll get to that soon…so, please, read on.



Following with the same line of trade show displays, the Waveline B-series, or what we refer to as the Waveline 10′ Tension Fabric Complete Display Kit. Here is where you can begin to customize your tradeshow display and add some of the aforementioned features for enhanced utility, exhibition, and just plain style. It is called a “complete display kit” for a reason: included in the listed price is the hardware or frame, the printed graphic, 2 LED lights that mount on the top of the frame, 2 plexiglass shelves to be house any additional display items or electronic components, and a very unique “CA500” hard carrying case which actually converts into a display counter that can also fit a printed graphic cover with your logo right over it should you desire — and at a very small additional cost. 



Next in this line of trade show display products comes The Standroid — probably the most reasonably priced backwall monitor display kit on the market, relative to all the hardware it includes. With a versatile and highly functional design, this all-in-one backwall display is capable of mounting up to a 46″ monitor on its sturdy frame. The design then extends out with 4 graphic support arms giving you a 10’ backwall graphic display for great coverage and visibility.


As you can see in the graphic to the left, the Standroid Backwall Monitor Display Kit was designed with this built-in overhead graphic that ‘hovers’ over the 10’ wall to maximize exposure and increase your brand’s visibility at the trade show. And, like the Waveline complete display kit, the Standroid also features a durable carrying case that converts into a display counter to help you ‘stand out’ in the crowd, giving you a podium, in essence, to conduct small talks or to simply use as a counter stand to review your company’s marketing materials with your prospects. We think it’s ingenious to have designed the carrying case — a feature that protects and transports the product itself — to double as a display counter when the backwall display itself is in use! In addition, a black cover slips over the outside of the counter and — similar to the Waveline Complete Display Kit — an optional personalized graphic can be printed on the outside of the cover. 



And, speaking of counters we’d like to enthusiastically introduce the iPad Counter Display. Sometimes your display needs an integrated trade show display ‘show piece’ that incorporates technology while demonstrating your company or product’s features and offering them an interactive experience at your trade show booth. The iPad Counter display can literally ‘stand out’ in front of your trade show exhibit, giving your display an air of professionalism and high-tech savviness. As usual, your company’s logo can be printed right on the fabric slip-on cover. 


Lastly, we couldn’t end this article without mentioning the breakthrough new trade show display product line called the OneFabric series of Fabric Pop Up Display walls. The design and efficacy of this cutting-edge product is simple: create a one-piece, wrinkle-free and innovative material that can stretch and be fastened with hooks securely in place, creating either a flat or curved back wall surface with stunning visual results. With OneFabric you no longer have to worry that your printed graphics (that used to be printed on separate pieces of fabric and fitted together) will line up! With OneFabric, you can have the assurance that because it was printed in one complete piece that the finished result will have neither alignment issues nor unattractive seams to contend with. 


Another added benefit is that your OneFabric pop up display is lined with Velcro and includes aluminum J-hooks to securely, accurately, and quickly assemble and mount the display. Even with advanced technology and a plethora of design features, choosing OneFabric still won’t break the bank. The product can also be tailored to fit just about any size design you throw at us, from 1’x3’ all the way up to 10’ — and, like we mentioned before, either a curved back wall display or a flat one. 


These are a few of the ‘no-brainer’ trade show display products we’ve chosen to give prominence, since their product features speak for themselves. We’ve simply compiled them all here for quick reference and a more thorough explanation. You can probably tell we’re a bit biased when it comes to innovative and quality products from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry!

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