Springback Banner Stands Can Increase Trade Show Traffic

If you happen to be the one in your company charged with the next trade show set up, you may be interested to know that banner stands are adding more and more flexible options in terms of how you can arrange the physical appearance of your trade show booth, and what messages or promotions you want to get across. Springback banner stands can add an additional marketing angle to your trade show displays by adding visual impact to a specific promotion.  The springback banner stand has a lot of flexibility because you can use them in conjunction with your entire trade show display. Place them outside to draw people in or put them in addition to your bigger trade show booth to add additional information or focal point. If you think about the backdrop of your trade show booth, traditionally this can be reserved for a corporate message, colors, theme, and branding. It also serves as the main display which, is normally standing higher in the back so the visibility of the wall can be seen from a distance.

Using Banner Stands

If your trade booth is simply a square backdrop you may be interested in adding a springback banner stand for several reasons. It can be used to act as a welcoming entrance to the trade show display set up as a specific promotion, or a meeting area complemented with a hightop table. Have a contest or drawing happening at your booth? Design the springback banner stands to advertise for you. As customers come up, they will see what you offer as well as how to proceed. Walk-by traffic will be drawn into your booth to make you the busiest booth for pedestrian traffic. Having some people in your display area, often results in more to follow. If somebody sees a crowd, they want to see what is going on and what’s causing people to stop at that specific place.

You can also use springback banner stands as a prop for a sales associate who is working your booth. Generally trade shows are free roaming kind of situations for the staff involved, but greeting customers in or near your trade show booth while standing by your spring back banner not only attracts attention, but gives people something to talk about and start up a conversation. Your trade show staff could be trained to man that position and entice customers to stop by and use the banner behind them as a reference. The point is to keep your booth turnover active and the conversation flowing. One of the best things about springback banner stands is that you can roll them up into a small carrying bag that you can basically throw over your shoulder. The banner itself can be changed for every trade show, representing a specific promotion that changes from time to time. These stands are very versatile and light so they can be taken anywhere and set upany time.

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