3 Items To Include In Trade Show Displays That People Can’t Stay Away From

Anyone designing trade show displays knows that if you don’t stand out to visitors in some way, your booth will not end up being the marketing tool you’d hoped for.  Don’t worry though.  Here are 3 simple things you can add to pretty much any exhibit that will encourage attendees to actually stop, take at least a quick look, and give you the all important opportunity of even a bit of one on one face time with attendees.

3 Things That Make Trade Show Displays Stand Out


1.     Food

We all love it and we all need it.  As basic an ideas as this is, you’d be amazed at how many trade show displays don’t have food to give away to visitors.  There are a lot of different possibilities too including tins of cookies or candies with your logo on them, or how about cheese samplers on a cutting board emblazoned with your name; and this is just two possibilities!

Even though it may not relate to your business in any way, having something yummy to offer visitors can draw them over to your booth every time!  Plus, when those visitors leave nibbling their food, others will see it and come over for their share.

If you can use something like popcorn or fresh baked goods that have a welcoming aroma, that’s an added bonus.  Visitors will smell you from all around the venue and will be drawn over.  Just be sure to place the treats in a spot within your trade show display where attendees have to talk to you in order to get at it!


2.     Giveaways

In addition to offering up some free food at your trade show displays, be sure to have some type of cool giveaway to offer visitors.  There are so many different possibilities deciding what to actually give away can be difficult.  When viewing all the options try to take into account the type of event you’re attending, the message you’re hoping to get across, your company, and the trade show display itself.

Now, take that information and try to decide on a giveaway that folks will use at the show.  If you can find something within these parameters it can further increase the ROI for your giveaway.  For example, say you’re going to be at an outdoor event in the summer promoting your eco friendly new product.  Giving away a reusable water bottle with your logo all over it might be a great fit.

When in doubt, go for the reusable bag with your logo.  Then, the giveaways the other trade show displays are offering will get conveniently stowed inside the bag with your logo on it that everyone will be carrying around for the rest of the show!


3.     Live Demos

While there might be some trade show displays where a live demo may not be appropriate or possible, for the most part, if you can come up with a way to allow attendees to view, or better yet be a part of a demo of your product(s) you’ll reap a number of rewards.  From creating crowds at your booth that naturally draw other visitors in to making you and your product more memorable, live demos are worth including in your trade show display.

Another option if a live demo just isn’t possible is a video demo you can show at your booth.  Try to get a big screen for the event so you can reach as many people as possible.  A live demo at the show though whenever possible is the best and most effective option.


Now that you know the three items people just can’t stay away from at trade shows you can get to work finding ways to incorporate them into your display.  You’ll be able to see just how easily they increase the number of visitors to your booth at the very next show you attend!


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