Trade Show Displays: Best Value and Price

Where is the best value in Trade Show Displays.

Comparing APG Exhibits to the competition.

In effort to back our claim of the best value and lowest prices, guaranteed, I recently did some comparison shopping in the trade show displays ‘world’ on google and I was happy to notice some specific examples such as the retractable banner stand, where competitors were bragging about $10 off of a $240 item that we sell for $190. I’ve found other trade show display vendors with similar retractable banner stands, but if they match our price they cheated you by cheeping out on the quality. Not acceptable here at APG!

APG LOGOIf you want the best value in trade show displays, do your own homework ‘google shopping’ and you will see that APG Exhibits will not let you down in product value; ‘bang for the buck’.

A tip for you; to use google to find almost any trade show booth item or trade show exhibit item, and determine if APG Exhibits carries the item with the least amount of work, search for the item with google and add APG!

For example: “retractable banner stand apg” and you’ll get instant results with the guaranteed lowest price online (for the same quality of course).

I found what seemed to be a nearly identical “orient 800 retractable banner stand” from a competitor that was only $5 more than our price, UNTIL you open both product pages side-by-side and compare the details. (our price base $190, their base price $195) Our product does not even offer the lower-grade material ‘standard vinyl’ and is $5 less already. When you look at the options on their product page, you will find out that in the ‘choose a banner material’, they have the option: “Premium curl-free vinyl: (recommended) [add $25]“. Once you change the material to match then their price jumps to $220 (comparing to the retail price of $240).

That particular vendor offers an 8.33% discount on that product. Our price is a 21% discount; our discount a is 2 ½ x larger discount from retail in that example.

That’s pretty much the standard faire for our competition; they will try to match our prices by cheaping out on quality. They then say literally “I wouldn’t get that one if I were you“. We will start you off with a great product even at the lowest price we offer.

On that same product, the competition ONLY offers two quality grades: not great and good, where we two quality grades as well but they are good and  friggin’ awesome. (Great being dye sub fabric material).

This is just one example of the products we offer. If you find what is a lower price or appears to be a better value, contact us, we call it a guarantee for a reason.

So, if you want the best value and price for trade show displays on the internet, search no farther than APG Exhibits.

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