Getting Noticed with Telescopic Banner Stands

Advertising and marketing budgets are increasingly being stretched with the need to be more innovative to capture markets and to sustain those markets which have already been developed. Your client base wants to be kept informed of product and wants to be able to have easy access to that information. The range of telescopic banner stands fulfill these criteria, being versatile enough to use in a large variety of marketing situations. With exhibition space rates now at a dollar per foot rate ,which is considerably higher than it has been in the past, you need to make that space work for you as well as have your product easily seen. Rather than a one dimensional pop-up display, consider the telescopic banner stands which are able to display either single sided or double sided banners. Depending on your location,you will be able to promote your product to twice as many people with this type of display than the one dimensional banner systems.


Made of aluminium, the telescoptic banner stands are easy to use and also low-maintenance. Storing equipment such as this between use has been a challenge for many companies, but the design styles now available in telescoptic banner stands mean that these stands are easily broken down at the end of their use for safe storage. Being lightweight is also a huge advantage when you are putting your displays together – particularly when there are often exhibitor time constraints for assembly. In a sea of exhibitors, it is easy to get lost and the need to get your message out and above the rest is why the telescoptic banner stands were originally invented. Adding height to your message means that you will get a head start with your marketing to new clients, and mean that you are easy to find for the prospects who are looking for your stand. It’s impossible to convert a prospect to a client without having the prospect first, so making it easy for them to find you is a great place to start.

A stand that is heads above the rest will almost certainly achieve this. Getting your name above the rest of the crowd with a banner which, depending on the model of telescoptic banner stand you choose, can be up to 12′ wide, means the impression you make will be huge. And with an impact that size, it is great to know that the aluminium manufacture will mean that the banner will not be unwieldy in its set up or breakdown. When it comes to measuring effort against results, the results will come out strides ahead with this product. Banners themselves do not need to be the same size – the telescoptic banner stand is able to be adjusted to suit, making it one of the more versatile tools in your marketing tool bag.

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