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Need a 10 x 10 Booth? Jump Start Your Space With A Kit Or Backwall

Get a head start in designing your 10 x 10 booth with the right backwall or display kit Here are some examples of the basics of your small 10 x 10 booth. You want to design a cohesive branding solution, no matter what pieces of hardware and graphics you are using. Do your research, and […]

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What Trade Show Booth is Right For You?

There are many types of trade show booths to choose from. On the APG Exhibits website, they are organized by size. However, in this blog I’ll list some of our best trade show booths by need. Whether you need a trade show booth to fit a tight budget, provide multimedia options, or give you brand […]

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Top 3 Trade Show Booth Backwall Alternatives

As you may already be aware, the standard unit of measure for the size of  a trade show booth is 10′ x 10′.  While many companies choose to combine multiple 10′ x 10′ areas together to create a larger overall space, a quick view of any trade show exhibit map will illustrate that the stand-alone […]