How to Get Noticed at an Outdoor Trade Show Event


The summer months are full of exciting new opportunities for your business, and getting your message out there is a key component of growing your customer base at an outdoor trade show. However, there is a lot to consider when choosing from a vast selection of outdoor trade show booths, tents, and displays, so the options can be overwhelming without a solid game plan. Once you’ve booked your first outdoor trade show, it is time to assess what type of display will be right for your business!

Choose the Right Exhibit

With so much to choose from, where do you even start? Breaking your booth down by size and function is an excellent way to decide what your business needs from its outdoor trade show display. How you present information to potential clients will determine what types of display can best carry your message.

First, choose your main display and booth. Popup tents are a lightweight, portable option for folks looking to make an impression without the heavy-lifting and storage worries of larger displays. Popup tents can fit in most vans, be stored in hotel rooms, and set up in just a few minutes. A brightly-colored tent or canopy behind your crisp, amazing logo might be exactly what you need to stand out from the blank white tent sea! It will be easier for customers to spot, and your team will recognize your setup immediately. Remember, branding and brand impressions are the most important part of exhibiting at outdoor trade shows and events!

Second, consider the forms your information will take: will you have brochures, pamphlets, or other reading materials for visitors to peruse when they enter your booth? Will you need a literature rack or a table to display those materials? Maybe that table could have an eye-catching table cover with your logo on the front so that people know what to expect when they visit your booth.

If you plan to offer smaller reading materials, a nice shady place for people to read will encourage your future clients to stay and chat about your business.

Freshen Up Your Existing Display

While many companies are just getting started with outdoor trade shows, some are already old pros. Maybe you’ve been around the block and are now looking to make the most of your existing booth, or display. In that case, you’ll want to consider fun and eye-catching additions that will attract people without you having to reinvent the wheel. Or possibly you only need replacement graphics with your updated brand message.

Zoom flags are an excellent piece to add to your trade show puzzle! They grab attention by adding a little flare, and are easy to set up and customize. Small add-ons like pole banners and mini tabletop banners are great options for people looking to liven up their current booth.

Dusting off old booths might mean a great opportunity to update your graphics as well. In the whirlwind of establishing a brand, things often change along the way. Rather than breaking the bank on an entirely new banner, consider replacing an older graphic with something up to date that represents your business.

Doing your updates early and leaving plenty of time for them to be produced can cut down on cost, too! You can order with confidence knowing that your graphics will arrive in time for your big show. However, even the best-laid plans can go awry, and getting everything together beforehand can be challenging. If you need something in a hurry, we’ve got you covered.

Prepare for the Weather

Whereas indoor trade shows fit a more standard mold, outdoor trade shows come in many shapes and sizes. Each of these variations brings with it a different set of weather opportunities, so preparation is key! Securing your tent with stakes or sandbags is a great option to protect your booth from gusts of wind, but what about your team members? Adding a back wall to your tent could be just the answer. Your small reading materials need a little extra protection, too! People will want to stop in and check out your well-organized setup, which means extra time to tell them about your business.

If you have a larger space for your display, consider a larger, seamless tent. When combining smaller tents, it is always a good idea to add rain gutters to the transition areas–no one wants to get soaked! Your setup can also provide a respite for potential clients. A safe, dry space might be enough to invite people inside for a chat. In cases of extreme heat, practical giveaways and water bottles will leave people with a good impression.

In addition to setting up your booth to withstand the elements, you’ll want to keep your team feeling refreshed and at the top of their game. Potential clients are more likely to approach a sales representative who looks happy to greet them! Encourage your team to dress for the weather, where possible. Even just the right pair of shoes will do wonders for their energy and mood.


While there are many challenges to creating the perfect outdoor trade show display, the process of marketing your brand is a worthwhile and exciting venture! Grab attention with brightly-colored accessories, protect your team and your display, and add personal touches wherever possible. Don’t let this trade show season pass you by. Book your show, choose your display, and let us help you make the most of this summer!

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