How to Safeguard Travelers & Airline Employees: Social Distancing Signs for Airports

For many people flying can already be a major headache. With the arrival of the coronavirus, travelers have a new level of stress to combat. APG Exhibits’ new social distancing signs for airports provide travelers and employees with added protection, while they make their way through the airport and to their next destination. We offer a wide variety of social distancing products, signs, and displays designed to help protect, sanitize, and also inform.

Sneeze Guards/Protective Partition Walls

Airport divider walls and partitions

Help maintain social distance and physical separation by using sneeze guards and partition walls throughout the airport. Our partition walls and sneeze guards are manufactured in the USA, and are easy to assemble, clean, and disinfect. We offers various types and sizes; we also offer customized solutions, specific for the desired environment.

  • Clear and opaque divider and partition walls
  • Sneeze guard partition walls
  • Clear desktop acrylic sneeze guards
  • Portable, retractable Banner Shields
  • As well as hanging sneeze guards

Hand Sanitizer Banner Stands

Hands-free sanitizer banner stand

Deliver sanitizing solution hands-free by placing sanitizing stands and stations in entryways, security check points, food courts, gates, baggage claim and more. Hands-free sanitizer stations are more important than ever.

  • Sanitizing stands include hands-free dispensers that hold 1000ml of liquid or gel
  • Sanitizing dispensers require four C batteries
  • Sturdy and durable they are also hard to knock over
  • Includes real estate for messaging
  • A wide variety of options as well as sizes available

Social Distancing Signs for Airports

social distancing signs for airports

Social distancing signs for airports are more critical than ever in guiding and directing travelers and personnel. These signs are also great for communicating important messages. They can reinforce critical social distancing and cleanliness guidelines, new rules and protocols, and also communicate messages of encouragement and unity. APG Exhibits offers a multitude of sign and display solutions, including:

  • Outdoor signs, flags, & banners
  • Indoor banner stands, banners & poster frames
  • And also hanging banners & structures

Social Distancing Traffic Flow Signs

Encourage social distancing at check in lines, security lines and boarding lines. Guide traffic flow in specific directions. These traffic flow social distancing signs for airports feature:

  • Adhesive vinyl stickers, contour cut
  • Matte surface is slip & scratch resistant
  • Clean gently with mild soap and water
  • Offered in a variety of sizes, colors
  • Custom designs available

Social Distancing Chair Covers

  • Graphic wraps over the top of the chair; white elastic stretches around the sides
  • Two material options available: Fabric (Display Polyester) as well as Outdoor Vinyl (Outdoor Scrim)
  • Outdoor vinyl chair covers are easy to wipe down and disinfect; fabric chair covers are machine washable
  • Small, Medium, Large sizes available
  • Messaging can be printed on the front or the back
  • Stock artwork and custom-designed chair covers available
  • Stock designs are sold in packs of 8 of the same design

Protective Face Masks



Fitted face maskFitted face mask
  • Masks can be custom-printed with logo or choice of artwork; 37 stock patterns are also available
  • Double layer protection against dust, pollen, exhaust, passive smoking, fog vapor and moisture droplets
  • Adult masks are offered in both pleated as well as fitted styles
  • High quality, high-definition printed graphics
  • Machine washable so they are reusable
  • Sold in packs of 3
  • 100% professionally made in the USA

APG Exhibits is here to help airports and airlines adjust to these new social distancing guidelines. Learn more about our social distancing products.

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