5 Tips for Re-Opening Your Restaurant During Covid-19

Restaurant owners face many challenges, when re-opening and in the midst of the pandemic. APG Exhibits understands, and wants to help you with re-opening your restaurant responsibly. Our social distancing products can provide owners with solutions to help during this time of uncertainty. We can help restaurateurs increase their revenue and bring back staff. Below are 5 tips for re-opening your restaurant quickly but also safely.

1. Outdoor Signage for Re-Opening Your Restaurant

Outdoor Signage for Re-Opening Your Restaurant

Ensure that customers know you are open for business with new outdoor signage. You can also create custom signage to ensure customers are aware of curb-side pickup or delivery options. Use a feather flag or outdoor banners to remind customers to keep six feet apart.

2. Traffic Flow Decals for Restaurant Traffic

Social Distancing Traffic Flow Signs for Re-Opening Your Restaurant

Update floor plans and use traffic flow decals to direct customers through the restaurant in one direction to limit contact. You can also place adhesive vinyl decals 6 feet apart to give your customers an appropriate visual reminder of proper social distancing. The vinyl adhesives are completely removable without leaving any residue or ruining your floors. So you will be prepared for when COVID finally ends and social distancing products are no longer required.

3. Protective Partitions Between Tables

Protective Partitions & Sneeze Guards

Invest in custom or standard protective partitions to further reduce the spread of germs when Re-Opening Your Restaurant. They are available in three configurations and you can create a custom wall by using them side-by-side. All three are approximately 3ft wide x 8ft tall and can be imprinted with your custom graphics. All have both a top and a bottom panel that can be imprinted on. Wether it is hanging sneeze guards, partitions, which we mention again below, or convenient retractable banner stand protective barriers, you have a lot of options on which will meet your needs.

Opaque Divider Walls

The wall can be imprinted with your custom graphics on both the front and back side of the wall. So this option provides privacy and safety.

Clear Divider Walls

Clear Divider Wall for Retail

This wall is clear, therefore printing will be possible on one side only. This option allows for a more open feel to your environment. The picture above shows two walls pushed together to create a larger partition.

Half Clear-Half Opaque Divider Walls

Half Clear Half Opaque Divider Walls for Retail

The top panel of this wall is clear, and the bottom is opaque. These protective partition walls/sneeze guards are an excellent way to create distance, or maintain an open feel depending on the options you choose. The great part of the protective barriers above is they also come with a magnetized option. This is super cool as it makes your life much easier, re-arranging the panels as needed.

4. Hand Sanitizer Banner Stands for Re-Opening Your Restaurant

Hand Sanitizer Products

Place automatic hand sanitizer dispensers in your highly-trafficked areas. Choose stock designs to save money or custom brand them with your logo for brand reinforcement and a more professional look to customers. All restaurants now have some sort of free standing hand sanitizer dispenser, for customers when they enter and leave your establishment. Make sure you are protecting your customers and employees and helping to keep a well sanitized restaurant for increased safety.

5. Face Masks

Protective Face Masks

Keep your staff and the public safe, in addition to keeping your branding consistent, by purchasing custom branded face masks. Or also consider the more popular and comfortable custom neck gaiters, which can be custom printed at low quantities with your brand for your staff or even as giveaways to customers.

APG Exhibits understands that restaurant owners have been greatly affected by the pandemic. We are here to help you Re-Opening Your Restaurant and get back to business quickly and safely. Learn more about APG Exhibits’ social distancing products.


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