Guidelines for Safely Reopening Schools

Safeguard students and teachers this coming school year with PPE. It is as yet unclear whether schools will reopen as normal for the Fall 2020 school year. However one thing is for sure: if reopening schools are to take place, there will be strict social distancing protocols to follow.

Guidelines for safely reopening schools

Face Masks for Students and Teachers



Fitted adult maskpleated mask ppe for reopening schools
• 100% professionally made in the USA
• Masks can be custom-printed with school logo or choice of artwork; 37 stock patterns are also available
• Double layer protection against dust, pollen, exhaust, passive smoking, fog vapor and moisture droplets
• Children’s masks are offered in pleated style, which offers two layers of breathable polyester
• Adult masks are offered in both pleated as well as fitted styles
• High quality, high-definition printed graphics
• Machine washable and reusable

Both students and teachers will likely be required to wear face masks as part of their PPE. Youth face masks are available as a custom branded face mask as well as stock face mask design options. The youth masks are smaller in order to fit over the mouth and nose of children. Proper fit is the most crucial aspect in the effectiveness of protective face masks.

Designer youth cloth face masks are offered in the pleated style. Masks offer more protection from exposure to germs and deadly diseases than not wearing a mask. Double layers offer protection against dust, pollen, exhaust emissions, passive smoking, and moisture droplets. The soft elastic ties can be cut and tied to fit each child appropriately. Masks are machine washable and reusable.

Designer Youth Cloth Masks

Designer youth cloth masks are available in either stock or custom designs. These face masks are available in packs of three of the same style and design. These youth protective masks are one size fits most, ages 5-11. The pleated mask also has two layers of breathable polyester with a pocket for a filter (filter not provided). These are the perfect masks for PPE in order to start reopening schools.

Other Guidelines for Reopening Schools

In addition to face masks, other precautions need to be followed for safely reopening schools. The golden standard of spacing students out is 6 feet apart. These distances can be reinforced by adding social distance floor decals as visual reminders for students and teachers to remain apart. Signs and flags can be used in addition to vinyl adhesive floor decals to further indicate distancing regulations in high-traffic areas.

Classroom PPE social distancing chair covers

• Graphic wraps over the top of the chair while white elastic stretches around the sides

• Two material options available: fabric chair covers & outdoor vinyl chair covers

• Outdoor vinyl chair covers are easy to wipe down and disinfect while the fabric chair covers are machine washable.

• Small, Medium, as well as Large sizes available

• Messaging can be printed on the front as well as the back

Stock artwork social distancing chair covers and custom-designed chair covers available

• Sold in packs of 8 of the same design

Social distancing school chair covers can be placed on every other chair as a means of blocking the students from sitting too close to one another.

Physical Barriers and Partitions

Sneeze Guards for school reopening

Physical see-through barriers can be placed in areas where students and staff are likely to come into close contact with one another. Retail sneeze guard divider walls are portable and easy to move and place where needed. Add multiple panels together to create a longer wall with magnetic frames.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stations

hand sanitizer for schools

Offering sanitizing stations is a great way to encourage healthy germ fighting behaviors in both student and staff populations. Place a hand sanitizer dispenser next to all restrooms. Hands free dispensers are much safer than pump bottles for sanitizing without the worry of cross-contaminating surfaces.

Safeguard Students and Teachers with PPE

Educational institutions will require a variety of different PPE products to ensure safe social distancing practices are followed once reopened. From signs to encourage social distancing to alcohol hand sanitizer gel to protective cloth face masks, every step is important to promote safe social distancing in order to reopen schools.

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