Retail Sneeze Guard Partition Walls

Retail Sneeze Guard Partition Walls
Retail Sneeze Guard Partition Walls

Retail Sneeze Guard partitions are available in three configurations: two PVC panels, two plex panels, or one of each panel. The PVC panels are opaque and can be imprinted with your custom graphics on both the front and back side of the wall. Plex panels on the other hand are see-through. These can therefore be printed on one side only with your logo or custom artwork. These sneeze guards are an excellent way to create distance, or maintain an open feel depending on the options you choose.

The aluminum tube frame features snap-buttons and spigot connections. Two panels can be connected using 180-degree linking tube clips, or magnets can be added instead; universal feet connect the tube frames at the bottom of the display. Displays come in a durable, portable carry bag. Retail Sneeze Guard Divider Walls are 36″ wide and 92″ (3x8ft) tall and features a straight shape and squared corners.

Opaque or See-Through Partitions?

The choice you’ll have is whether to use clear partitions that your patrons can see through, or opt for more privacy and choose the opaque PVC panels.

Retail Sneeze Guard Partition Walls

If you are looking to create a welcoming and open appearance, the plex panels are the choice for you. This is ideal for smaller spaces, or spaces like a hair salon which benefit from more visibility. If you need to section off parts of your space, then you should choose the PVC option. Areas like waiting rooms and consultation spaces would greatly benefit from a more opaque and private partition. However, if you’d like to create a more private space but need some face-to-face interaction, the PVC/plex combo is the perfect fit. This combination is great for reception areas, outdoor restaurant areas, and customer service spaces that rely on visual communication.

Choose Your Frame Type

Frames for these Retail Sneeze Guard Partitions are offered in standard or magnetic configurations. You can mix and match your panels with or without magnets! The standard frame comes with clips for attaching multiple frames together. Or upgrade to magnetic frames and you can easily attach multiple frames together to form a seamless partition wall. The best part of the magnetic frames is how easy they are to reconfigure based on your needs. A dining room would greatly benefit from a modular set of partitions with magnets, allowing workers to easily accommodate guests. Clips hold up better with light use and take longer to assemble, so these are better suited to more permanent setups, like in an office.

Retail Sneeze Guard Partition Walls

Mix and Match with Retail Sneeze Guard Partition Walls

Regardless of your space, these Retail Sneeze Guard Partition Walls are a safe, affordable solution for social distancing. These sneeze guards for businesses can be paired with other distancing products. Your business will be prepared to reopen safely with these portable sneeze guards! One of the best parts about these walls is their ability to change with your needs. They are quick to assemble, lightweight enough to move over and over, and panels are simple to swap out if you need a new graphic. You can print store hours, logos, or even entire menus on these partition walls! The possibilities are endless.

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