NEW Sanitizers, Sneeze Guards, and Chair Covers!

Businesses are opening back up and APG Exhibits is pulling out all the stops to help keep your customers healthy! Keeping your hands clean and maintaining social distance are essential parts of staying safe and flattening the curve. With clear messaging and functional signage, your business will be prepared for whatever comes next!

NEW Trappa Sanitizer Stands

One of our latest and greatest options for hand sanitizer dispensers, the Trappa Sanitizer Stand, is a fresh, compact take on some of our larger displays. If space is a commodity in your business, or office, then look no further. Sturdy aluminum construction and multiple shapes and color options set this stand apart from the competition, making it an obvious choice for offices, lobbies, and reception areas. The touch-less sensor prevents contamination, and can distribute either gel or liquid sanitizer.

social distancing hand sanitizers
social distancing hand sanitizer stations

The simplicity of the design encourages patrons to keep their hands clean to protect customer service workers, too! Choose from our stock designs in a variety of colors, or use your own design to display a personal message.

NEW Modulate Sneeze Guard Walls

Protecting your employees and customers can sometimes come at the cost of personalization and face-to-face interactions. Luckily, with APG Exhibits’ new Modulate Sneeze Guard Walls, you don’t have to lose the most important parts of customer service! These sneeze guards are perfect for hair salons, offices, and even banks across the country. The panels can be made of PVC or our clear Plex material, and can be easily snapped on, swapped out, and added to other panel modulate units. With magnetic frame options, you can snap together rows of panels to create temporary privacy screens, or print your graphics to help direct customer traffic. The versatility is endless!

social distancing dividers for restaurants
social distancing dividers for retail stores

Separating tables at a restaurant has never been easier, and the mix-and-match style of these sneeze guards allows them to fit your changing needs!

More Sneeze Guards!

Customer service businesses are being hit hard by the Stay At Home Orders, and their workers are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to spreading the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, we have just the solution!

sneeze guards
sneeze guards for retail stores

Our new Hanging Sneeze Guards come in all shapes and sizes, and can be printed with your company slogan, logo, or artwork! These sneeze guards are easy to assemble, quick to install, and keep register areas, ordering windows, and reception desks safe. Easily transform tight spaces, or cover large open areas with a seamless hanging sneeze guard. Your customers and employees will thank you!

Chair Covers

As sporting events and theaters begin to open their doors, capacity limits and social distancing can be difficult to enforce. To simplify the task of keeping patrons safe, APG Exhibits is now offering Social Distancing Chair Covers. These covers come in both vinyl and fabric, and can be placed over the back of any chair to alert patrons to new regulations. You can choose from a variety of stock graphics, or supply your own!

social distancing chair covers
social distancing chair covers

Chair covers are an excellent way to divide up a space when seating cannot be altered, and they provide the clear and polite message that certain areas are off limits.

APG Exhibits is Here for You

As the country begins the slow process of re-opening businesses, APG Exhibits is committed to providing you with the signage and safety products you need to stay on track. Our team is eager to aid you on your journey into the new normal! Shop our entire selection of COVID-19 Resources.

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