New from APG Exhibits: Protective Cloth Face Masks

Protective face masks protect against the spread of germs

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In light of the advent of the coronavirus, many states are now requiring everyone to wear protective face masks. These protective cloth facial coverings are more important than ever to stop the spread of germs and disease. We all must do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. We are proud to release this new line of products aimed at helping people slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Protective Cloth Face Masks

Protect yourself and others from the novel coronavirus with a protective cloth face mask. Purchase the custom option for opportunities to brand the masks with your company color scheme or logo. Or choose the more economical route and purchase the non-branded face masks. Price breaks are available for these masks depending on quantity ordered. Discounts are automatically applied in your shopping cart when purchasing higher quantities of protective face masks. See the individual product pages for more information on quantity price breaks.

Multiple Types of Face Mask

APG Exhibits is happy to offer multiple styles of masks available in different price ranges and quantity price breaks. For customers that are looking into ordering thousands of masks either as promotional giveaways or large businesses looking to protect their employees, there are DyeSub cloth masks available for as low as $3.69 each. These can be fully branded with your logo and/or color scheme. Use these protective cloth face masks to keep your essential employees safe. There are also non-branded versions of these masks available that can be purchased for as little as $2.89 each. Both are available with either white or black trim.

The non-branded face mask offers protection from exposure to germs and deadly diseases. Three layers of soft fabric protection provide enhanced filtration barrier from droplets. The masks are non-medical grade. The outer shell is made with polyester fabric. The middle layer is cotton fabric. And the inner layer is extra soft polyester. Bulk pricing discounts are available for these non-branded masks! Simply add the desired quantity to your cart and discount will automatically be applied.

Custom Branded MasksDyeSub MasksNon-Branded Masks
Custom branded face maskscustom printed face masksNon-branded face masks
Custom masks as low as $9.29/ea.DyeSub masks as low as $3.69/ea.Non-branded masks low as $2.89/ea.

The custom branded face mask is available in as little as 24 count increments. If you are looking for a smaller minimum quantity, these are great face masks. Fully customizable, these face masks offer protection from exposure to germs and deadly diseases. Two layers of soft 7 oz polyester provide enhanced filtration barrier from droplets. The reusable cloth face masks are printed on our One Planet fabric that is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Why Face Masks are so Important

Face Masks 101

The use of face masks have become extremely important in the past few weeks due to the spread of the coronavirus. While it may feel strange to wear a mask, these are very useful tools in slowing the spread of contagious diseases. More importantly, the use of a face mask will keep your germs to yourself so you can avoid infecting others. We are finding that some carriers are asymptomatic, which means they won’t even know they have it. If these people go out unprotected, they can spread the disease to others. So wearing face masks is a great preventative measure we can all take to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The CDC has released several guidelines for face mask protection.

CDC cloth face mask guidelines

APG Exhibits Working to Bring You Necessary Products

APG Exhibits is committed to bringing you the products you need such as these protective face masks. We are working hard to bring you new products, which you can read about here. It’s no secret that the trade show industry has taken a big hit in recent weeks. Many small businesses and vendors that rely on these trade shows for networking and marketing have been put in difficult situations. That is why we are offering lower costs on products as well as offering sitewide sales. We have had multiple sales recently offering discounts on everything so that no matter what you need, you can get a discount. This puts more money in your pocket so that when things begin returning to normal you will be better prepared to return to work.

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