Hanz Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stations

Hanz Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stations

APG Exhibits is working diligently to bring our customers the products they need during the coronavirus pandemic that is currently sweeping the world. That is why we are adding the needed products and shifting our production focus to items that have become more relevant at this time. We are proud to introduce the Hanz automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Fight germs with an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in your highly-trafficked areas.

About These Dispensers

Multiple color options, or create your own!

The automatic infrared sensor detects the area within 7-10cm (3-4in) and sprays without directly touching the disinfectant – which effectively prevents cross-infection. Automatically sprays liquid by infrared sensor, suitable for use of various disinfectant liquids and hand sanitizers. The built-in bottle has a large capacity of 1000 ml (33.814 oz), which corresponds to about 1000 sprays. Operated with batteries (not included) but can also be operated with direct current and alternating current. Stand size of 600 x 1524mm (24 x 60in). Available in standard colors blue, red, black, and yellow or upgrade to fully customizable graphic.

Automatic Dispenser

The key feature of this dispenser station is the touchless operation. You won’t have to worry about others spreading germs by touching the dispenser. It is fully automatic and uses an infrared sensor to detect when a hand is underneath. This way you can fill the dispenser station and be done and on your way. Plus you’ll be providing a valuable service and helping your customers, clients, and employees.

Automatic hand sanitizer sprayer

The dispenser can be run on batteries for placement anywhere you need! Or if placement permits, you can use a power cord to install the Hanz Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser near a power outlet.

Upgrade the Dispenser Station to a Custom Graphic

The Hanz automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is available in stock colors, however you can upgrade to a fully customized graphic. This can be anything you want to display, including your logo and/or branding colors. Provide valuable information such as social distancing reminders, directions, or other relevant information on your dispenser. Or just label the dispenser with directions for use so people can quickly get to and from your dispenser.

Keeping You Moving Forward

We take great pride in working with our clients to get them the displays and tools they need at affordable prices. The goal for everyone right now is to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. By keeping everyone distanced and limiting trips out, we can get through this together. Once we begin to return to normal, however, we will still need to take precautions with how we interact together. That is why a Hanz automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a great solution for businesses with lobbies or other common areas that lots of people travel through every day.

You can read more about the steps we are taking at APG Exhibits to help our customers get through this difficult time here. We have shifted production to focus on helping in the fight against coronoavirus. However, we are still fully operational with any trade show display needs you may have. We have shifted production, but are still fully able to create the trade show displays you need.

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