New from APG Exhibits: Floor Decals, Partitions, Face Masks & More!

We’ve been working hard to provide the products that our customers need during these difficult COVID-19 times. While everyone has been quarantined, we’ve been working to add new products for you. While trade shows have been cancelled the world over, there is still a need for certain display materials. As part of our commitment to providing quality products to our clients, we have shifted production to focus on more vital products.

New Products from APG Exhibits

APG Exhibits is proud to announce some new line ups to our product displays. We have created a dedicated page for all new products geared towards slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus. So please visit our COVID-19 Resources Page for the most up-to-date list of newly added products. We are taking this pandemic very seriously and want you to know that we are in this fight together.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stations

Fight germs with an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. The automatic infrared sensor detects the area within 7-10cm (3-4in) and sprays without directly touching the disinfectant – which effectively prevents cross-infection. Automatically sprays liquid by infrared sensor, suitable for use of various disinfectant liquids and hand sanitizers.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser banner stand stationAutomatic hand sanitizer sprayer

The built-in bottle has a large capacity of 1000 ml (33.814 oz), which corresponds to about 1000 sprays. Operated with batteries (not included) but can also be operated with direct current and alternating current. Stand size of 600 x 1524mm (24 x 60in). Available in standard colors blue, red, black, and yellow or upgrade to fully customizable graphic.

Vinyl Adhesive Floor Decals

Adhesive vinyl floor decals: new products from APG Exhibits

Let your patrons know the new procedures and routines with these adhesive vinyl floor decals. Shop the APG Exhibits selection of coronavirus social distancing adhesive vinyl floor decals. Use these floor decals to direct traffic within your business as well as promote safe social distancing. Direct patrons to travel in one direction up and down your aisleways to limit contact. Place the adhesive vinyl decals 6 feet apart to give your customers an appropriate visual reminder of how far apart to distance themselves.

Guide customers through your store or place durable signs spaced six feet apart. With the social distancing floor decals you can demonstrate the appropriate distance that users should be standing. These can guide patrons as well as serve as a reminder to stay apart. Or simply place reminders in high traffic areas to remind customers to “Be Smart” and stand 6 feet apart.

Clear Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

Plexiglass sneeze guardsKeep employees safe by providing them with clear acrylic plexiglass sneeze guards. Clear plastic barriers help maintain safe social distancing guidelines to keep customers and employees safe. Plexiglass sneeze guards and similar clear partitions are more important than ever. These sneeze guards are manufactured in the U.S. with fast turn around times for both large and small quantity orders. Custom sizes are also available.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel Packs

Available in two sizes: .25 or .5 oz. gel packs.

1/4 oz. Gel Pack1/2 oz. Gel Pack
Hand sanitizer gel packHalf ounce hand sanitizer gel packs
As low as $0.69/ea.As low as $0.81/ea.

Fight germs on the go with antibacterial hand sanitizer spray. These hand sanitizer gel packs are formulated with an enriched moisturizing agent to condition and preserve your skin’s health. They also aid in preventing the spread of germs causing illnesses and infections. These new products are just in time to help fight against the spread of COVID-19. The 62% ethyl alcohol formula kills 99.9% of widespread germs. These therefore provide fast and effective protection against disease-causing germs. Moisturizing aloe also leaves your skin soft and healthy. Best of all it leaves no sticky residue. Meets CDC hand washing recommendations in the absence of soap and water. MADE IN THE US! This handy accessory is perfect for anyone looking to fight germs while in public. This sanitizer is a great idea for gifts, health clinics and events.

Protective Cloth Face Masks

APG Exhibits has shifted some production capabilities to the manufacturing of these protective cloth face masks. Protect yourself and others from the novel coronavirus with a protective cloth face mask. It is more important than ever to slow the spread of germs such as COVID-19. Purchase the custom option for opportunities to brand the masks with your company color scheme or logo. Or choose the more economical route and purchase the non-branded face masks.

Non-Branded Face MasksCustom Branded Face Masks
Non-branded face masksCustom branded protective cloth face masks
As low as $2.89/maskAs low as $3.69/mask

Price breaks are available for these masks depending on quantity ordered. Discounts are automatically applied in your shopping cart when purchasing higher quantities of protective face masks. Non-branded face masks start as low as $2.89/mask! See product pages for more details on these price breaks.

Outdoor Signage

Use outdoor displays and signage to drive customers and clients to the appropriate areas. Communicate information to users without interacting face-to-face. With the rapid development of COVID-19, many businesses need fast and effective ways of communicating their messaging. APG Exhibits has the outdoor signage you need to communicate with your clients. You can also use outdoor flags to communicate new hours or carry out guidelines. Quickly let users know that your business is open or that you are offering delivery only. Set an outdoor collapsible folding sign out front to let patrons know that only a certain number of people are allowed in the store at one time. Or use them as helpful reminders to maintain social distancing.

In This Fight Together

We want you to know that we are here for our customers during these difficult and uncertain times. We are in this fight together. We have lowered pricing on many of our most needed items, and also offered sitewide sales to ease the burden on struggling businesses. We’ve shifted production to help produce more new products such as these COVID-19 related items. We want you to know that we are standing by to help however we can now, and will be ready to begin supplying you with traditional trade show displays once we are through this and quarantines have been lifted.

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