APG Exhibits is Cutting Prices to Aid Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic

We at APG Exhibits understand the toll that COVID-19 is taking on small businesses. The Coronavirus pandemic is keeping people quarantined. So APG Exhibits wants to do our part to help ease the burden on many struggling businesses. That’s why we are happy to announce our mega 20% OFF STOREWIDE SALE now thru the end of April. Place your order for ANYTHING on our site and use promo code SAVE20 to save an additional 20% on our already low prices.

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HUGE Price Cut

Another way that we are working to help our valued customers is to bring them the supplies they need at affordable rates. We’ve seen an increased demand for medical grade tents and have ramped up production of these. And now, we’ve slashed the cost of these medical screening shelters from $3249.99 down to $2495! Or if you are only looking for emergency privacy shelters, we have mobile privacy shelters listed for only $289.99.

Introducing Custom Face Masks to Protect Against COVID-19

APG Exhibits has shifted production to begin manufacturing these urgently needed supplies. We see the need for protective face coverings and have switched part of our manufacturing capability to begin producing custom face masks. These masks are reusable and washable. And they are also made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

custom branded protective face masks slow the spread of COVID-19

Available in cases of 40 masks, these can be customized to any color and to include your company’s logo! Order yours today. We have been shifting production capabilities to fill the need for these types of necessary items to help combat the spread of COVID-19. However, we are still fully operational for any other trade show display needs. In fact, this may be the best time to begin preparing for when life goes back to normal.

Backdrops for Videoconferencing

With the orders to work remotely, there has been a HUGE surge in the amount of Skype, Zoom, Join.me, FaceTime, and other video telework meetings. That is why we are offering these simple, LOW COST options for users to spruce up the background of their digital meeting spaces.

  • Cost effective
  • Simple & lightweight
  • Brand recognition

telework video backdrop online conference background displays

Show your branding to make yourself look more official and professional. Or just add a simple design/color pattern to hide an otherwise ugly background. These versatile displays are great for creating a professional environment in which to work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak. And when we’re past the coronavirus pandemic, you can use these backdrops for a variety of purposes. Use these displays in offices, at retail locations, and in trade show booths.

Informational Display Signage

In an effort to practice safe social distancing, many hospitals, retail establishments, and restaurants are opting for displays to provide information. These displays communicate information without the need for a person to be physically present.

Placing important safety information on these signs can decrease the amount of time people are congregating in public spaces, thus reducing the spread of COVID-19. We also have a selection of outdoor flags for placement outside your business. These indoor and outdoor informative visual displays can:

  • Minimize social interactions
  • Keep customers/patrons and employees apart
  • Provide efficient communications
  • Reduce time for individuals to be out

The goal of course is minimizing as much contact and potential exposure as possible. If we all do our part, we can flatten the curve and get through this pandemic together.

APG Exhibits is Here and Standing By

As mentioned, if we all work together we will get through this difficult time. The important thing is to remain home if possible (especially if you are sick!). You can use a telework backdrop behind you on any video conferences. And if you are essential personnel such as medical workers, now is a great time to take advantage of our lowered costs for medical containment tents. Or for any essential employees out during the COVID-19 crisis, protective facial coverings should be worn. And when we are finally getting back to regular life after this, APG Exhibits will be here to continue providing our customers with the needed trade show displays.

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