APG’s April 2018 Sales!

April 2018 Sales from APG Exhibits

APG is proud to announce the following April 2018 sales – 10% off Modulate Displays!

 April 2018 Sales
Modulate Displays

More on Modulate Displays

Modulate displays are fantastic and versatile tension fabric backwalls. They are, as the name implies, modular, meaning you can adjust them to fit your booth size as necessary. The Modulate displays are available in 10-foot, 20-foot, and 30-foot lengths. And they can be reconfigured into smaller displays for when space is at a premium. Therefore you will be fully prepared for any sized trade show booth!

These displays are also available in a wide variety of shapes meaning you can be extremely creative when designing your booth space. The different curves and angles of the edges along with the varying heights will really allow for eye catching displays. Purchase a Modulate kit from APG or build your own from these available panels.

There are varying sized frame banners that connect together with plastic clips to form the Modulate backwalls. Or, upgrade the frames to the magnetized versions for even easier assembly. The fabric graphic pulls over the frame and zippers shut for a very polished look. These displays are very sleek and crisp for a professional appearance.

NEW Magnetic frames

The Modulate line of trade show displays now have the option to include magnetic frames! These upgraded frames replace the need for plastic clips to hold your frames together. This makes set up a breeze! You can also adjust the panels in virtually any position/angle you need. Simply choose the “magnetized frame” option when placing your order.

These frames reduce set up times while also increasing the versatility of your backwall. This allows you to get even more creative with the way you design your trade show setup!

Sized for any trade show booth

The April 2018 sales from APG Exhibits include Modulates of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore no matter how large or small your exhibit space is, a Modulate display can work for you!

10-foot20-foot30-footIndividual Panels

Need a larger than 30-foot display? Simply add more individual panels or other kits. Mix-and-match panels to create your own custom design. Be bold and unique with the help of the April 2018 sales from APG Exhibits!

The importance of going modular

It is becoming increasingly important to be flexible when setting up trade show events. Having a versatile display is now more important than ever! Trade show booths come in a wide variety of sizes so it is important to have a display that can be adjusted accordingly. The Modulate series is the perfect solution to this, and while the April 2018 sales are running you can save hundreds of dollars!

Planning your next trade show event

Need help planning for your next trade show? Then feel free to reach out to the experts at APG Exhibits and we can help guide you to the display that fits your needs. Know that APG is also available by live chat/email/and phone!

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