NEW – Backlit Embrace Displays from APG Exhibits

APG Exhibits Unveils NEW Backlit Embrace Displays

Embrace Backlit Trade Show Display10ft Embrace Backlit Trade Show Display12ft Embrace Backlit Trade Show Display
8 Foot Embrace Backlit Displays10 Foot Embrace Backlit Displays 12 Foot Embrace Backlit Displays

Backlit Embrace displays from APG Exhibits are sure to help you stand out at your next trade show. Now, you don’t have to settle for the same bland displays as your competitors – you can outshine them! Backlit Embrace displays come with led lighting kits that attach to the frame of your display. These lights shine through so you can stand out. Fabric Graphics are a SEG Push-Fit style resulting in a very clean edge to your display and look!

How do Backlit displays stand out?

To truly stand apart from the sea of trade show booths on the expo floor, a unique booth is essential. In an expo hall where booths tend to blend together, you need something that reinforces the uniqueness of your brand. Exhibitors looking for a unique display need look no further. The Embrace Backlit Displays make use of collapsible, lightweight aluminum frames coupled with a fabric graphics to create trade show displays with the ideal combination of portability, affordability, and dynamic appearance.

The difference between the Embrace and other backlit displays

The Backlit Embrace Displays from APG Exhibits are the first full displays featuring straight back walls. As it was possible to purchase a backlit display before, this is the first non-curved display offered. While curved displays have their appeal, a straight back wall can come off as polished and professional. Consider your target audience when choosing the type of display you need.

So why choose the Embrace Display?

The Backlit Embrace Display uses vibrant LED lights to give your prints an additional impact on any trade show floor. These illuminated displays feature patent-pending LED lighting. The LEDs easily attach to collapsible frames with single or double-sided push-fit fabric graphics. Graphics attach to the channel bars that line the perimeter of the frame. No tools are required to create this unique backlit display!

The Backlit Embrace is a superior illuminated collapsible display solution that is ideal for use at tradeshows for events and in retail environments to create eye-popping messaging.

Give your display that extra punch with a Backlit Embrace Display. When you’re fighting for attention in a crowded expo hall, even the smallest feature can make a huge difference. A backlit display from APG can help make all the difference between high- and low-traffic presences at your next trade show. Backlit displays offer an attractive and compelling appearance for your brand message. They represent your products and services well while enticing prospective customers to visit your booth.

The right size for nearly anyone

Backlit Embrace Displays come in a variety of sizes:

Embrace Backlit Trade Show Displays

No matter the size of your booth, you can find a Backlit Embrace Display for your trade show. And all Backlit Embrace displays come complete with LED lighting and power supplies. Also included in your kit is an OCX case, carry bag, and rear diffuser panel. When you’ve determined the appropriate size, head to to get started on your new display!

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