Product Feature: XCLAIM Collage Pop Up Tension Fabric Displays

Unique Hardware Features Put The XCLAIM On Top Of The Crowded Tension Fabric Displays Genre

Collage Pop Up Tension Fabric DisplaysLooking for a new and unique approach to the “standard” pop up display?  APG heartily recommends the XCLAIM series of pop up tension fabric displays, which make use of a unique graphic mounting system to create dimensional arrangements not possible with traditional pop up displays.

Instead of using regular velcro-based attachment systems, which limit graphic size and placement options, XCLAIM fabric displays have metal “hubs” at all 4 corners of each quad in the hardware.  The graphic flags, composed of a high-quality stretch knit-polyester, incorporate fabric grommets at each corner that match up with the metal hubs.  Flags are available in a wide variety of sizes, from single quads to huge 10’w x 7.5’h backdrops.  Each hub can take up to 4 grommeted flag corners, and placement options are limited only by the imagination and flag size.  Additionally, the metal hubs are present on both the front and back of the hardware, allowing for 3-dimensional configurations that simply cannot be done without use of this innovative hardware feature.  The highly modular nature of the graphic flags also means that installing new graphics is a snap for whenever your company has a change in product or marketing message.

All of the graphic flags are printed using the dye-sublimation printing technique that sets the ink actually into the fabric as opposed to on top of it, seen on substrates like vinyl and PVC.  The fabric is wrinkle-resistant and folds down incredibly small, keeping freight costs minimal.  The hardware is also available in a wide variety of  sizes, plus unique shapes like pyramids.  To top everything off, the hardware and graphics are all manufactured in North America, an increasing rarity in today’s trade show display world, and all hardware has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

If you’re looking to add any type of tension fabric displays to your trade show setup for this years trade show season, APG can heartily recommend the Collage series of tension fabric displays.  Please connect today with one of our friendly and knowledgable project coordinators via phone, email, or live chat to get started on your way!


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