How to Put Together a Trade Show Exhibit


Putting together a trade show exhibit doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a few key concepts and trade show displays, any exhibitor can create an effective trade show display on any budget. Lets Take a look at some of the key pieces every trade show exhibit should have.


3 Key Pieces for Any Trade Show Exhibit

1. Backwall Display

Trade Show Exhibit Backwall

One of the most important features of a trade show exhibit is the backwall. This will likely be the largest piece of any trade show booth. This display can be the size of the entire back length of a trade show space. This gives exhibitors a large area to display a logo and key marketing message to let trade show attendees know who your company is and what it does. There are a wide variety of backwall display options on APG Exhibits’ website. HopUp displays and OneFabrics are best for easy set up and breakdown. Tension fabrics are great for clean, modern styles. Formulate Displays are great for adding a wide range of additions, like monitor mount, shelving, and more.

2. Display Table

Trade Show Table Cover

The second thing any trade show exhibit needs is a display table. This can come in any size of shape, depending on what works best for displaying your brand’s products/services. Any company that provides physical products that are small enough to display on a table should do just that. Trade show attendees will want to examine product samples for quality. However, a service based company can use a smaller display table to display literature or incorporate multimedia displays that will show videos or interactive menus about the company and its services.

3. Trade Show Giveaway Items

Trade Show Giveaway

The first thing an attendee does when (s)he leaves your trade show exhibit is forget all about your brand. The easiest way to help them remember who you are and what you do is by providing them with a useful. branded giveaway item. A tech company might want to use a USB flash drive that exhibitors can use over years. Any company can use a tote bag. Attendees will find this helpful for carrying all of giveaways they might collect and can use them later when buying groceries. The next time that attendee is in need of your products/services, your brand will be the one they are most familiar with.

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