Trade Show Displays that GLOW: Backlit Hop Up Tension Fabric

If you want to really shine at your next exhibition, get one of the trade show displays that literally shines by being lit up from inside!

These trade show displays are fantastic. They illuminate from behind with high-tech LED lighting that stays cool and takes less energy to run so they are good for the environment in more than one way (less pollution, less landfill waste and no mercury). They take a model of excellence in the hop up tension fabric display that makes them way better.

Event in a very bright room, they still stand out with whiter than white print. In a less bright room they literally glow. The design of the standard frame of hop-up is one I really appreciate. It reminds me of the geodesic domes, very clever engineering that maximizes strength vs. weight. They are just the right proportions to be free-standing without being unstable, which makes for a nice bold thickness to the wall that gives it some visual punch as well (and that’s just the standard hop up displays without the back light).

Now, consider when back lighting is added to the already fantastic hop up tension trade show displays and you have an amazing showcase for your brand that will make your brand stand out among the rest. Continue your research of hop-up tension fabric displays right here at APG Exhibits.

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  1. Jen says:

    We are in the Saltwater aquarium business, we sell corals and fish. Interested in a hop up backdrop that glows. Something that really pops! So many beautiful colors in colors. Also a mermaid in there somewhere. No bigger then 8 feet wide. Something easy to transport. Looking for design ideas and pricing.

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