5 Reasons Purchase a Waveline Trade Show Booth

1. The Waveline Trade Show Booth Comes in a Complete Kit

In one simple package you can get a backwall, monitor mount, large header and hard shipping case that doubles as a counter. Having all of these features in one kit not only makes purchasing a trade show booth easy, it also makes setting up your display simple too. With clear assembly instructions and each piece made to work together, you’re less likely to run into any issues at the trade show.


2. These Trade Show Booths Come in a Variety of Sizes.

You can chose any size display from a six to eight foot tabletop display to a 10, 15, or 20 foot curved backwall. Prices begin at less than $400! These are great prices for impressive displays.

Trade Show Displays: Waveline 20' S - Curved Tension Fabric Backwall Display

3. Accessories

The Waveline Trade Show Booth series offers a wide range of booth accessories. As you saw in the kit above, you can add a large header, monitor mounts, lighting, shipping cases/counters and counter graphics. These accessories can help your trade show booth stand out while staying in budget. Scroll down on the product page to find some additional options.

4. Trade Show Booth Sales

You can find more sales on the APG website.

waveline trade show booth

5. The Waveline Trade Show Booth is Perfect for Multimedia Displays

With the additional monitor mount options, the Waveline series is perfect for using monitors and other high-tech gear in your trade show display. Products like the Waveline Click and Waveline Touch Trade Show Booth even include interactive media in the display itself.


If you’re still unsure if the Waveline Trade Show Booth is right for you, call a customer service representative to talk about what you need from your trade show display.


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