Retractable Banner Stands Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth


Retractable banner stands can be a small investment yielding a large return on investment. These simple-to-use pull-up banner stands give you great branding space, ease of use, and simple traveling. They are light weight and easy to setup and take down. However, the key to getting the most return on your banner stand investment is in how you use it.

1. Placement

Where you place your retractable banner stands will determine a significant amount of the ROI you should expect to have from your purchase. You want your pull-up banner stands to be visible, not only to trade show attendees who are passing close by, but to those who may not be in your direct field of vision. Placing one pull-up banner stand on each side of your booth facing slightly inward will help draw attention to your display and help onlookers facing your direction see your brand.

2. Art Design

This may seem like a simple task using some Jpeg logos and copy, but artwork design requires some care and skill for retractable banner stands. APG Exhibits does not suggest designing your own artwork unless you have experience working with vector images and designing digital art. However, if you do have experience, make sure you are working with complementary colors that really help your brand name POP on your pull-up banner stands. Always work with vector images to ensure your design is clean and crisp. If you don’t have an experienced art designer, APG Exhibits is happy to help from complex to simple design solutions.

3. Flow

What I mean by flow is how your retractable banner stands look with your other displays. Your flow combines your banner stands’ artwork and placement. Make sure your retractable banner stands have similar, if not matching, artwork that compliments the artwork on your display booth. You also want to make sure your pull-up banner stands are not blocking attendees’ view of the rest of your display. Every piece of your trade show display is vital and should be pleasantly viewable from many angles. If you are struggling to achieve flow, view your artwork side by side on your computer to see if each piece your artwork compliments the others. Also, try placing your retractable banner stands in multiple locations to see where they look best and are most visible without blocking the rest of your trade show display. If this is your first trade show or you have any questions about purchasing a retractable banner stand, call one of APG Trade show Displays‘ helpful customer service members to make sure you have the right item to fit your needs.

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    It is true that using the modern designs of trade show displays help exhibiting the latest products of a company in the most impressive way, and this is the only secret that is often used by majority of companies participating in a trade show.

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    Awesome post. If you’re working off site, going to an event, or taking part in a convention, a retractable banner can be a great way to announce your presence and gain brand awareness. Put one in the conference room where you’ve set up shop, set one up in the hotel lobby, or display one anywhere it could get views. It’s free advertising and could encourage customers to come up, ask questions, and learn more about your brand. see more>>

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