2 Ways Outdoor Displays will get your Spring Sale Noticed

1Plex-BKWall-SidesSpring is here and businesses and customers alike are preparing for a little spring cleaning.  If your business is preparing for a spring, or summer sale, don’t forget to promote your sale outdoors.  As the weather is warming up, more people are outside enjoying the weather.  Take your display to your customers with one of APG Exhibits‘ many outdoor displays.


Join Local Outdoor Events

Outdoor spring events are everywhere in local communities.  There is music, dancing and vendors everywhere. There is likely a big outdoor sales event in your area, such as Grayslake’s Zurko Antiques & Flea Market. An event like this is perfect for any business selling antiques, repair equipment, collectables, crafts or hand-made items. Some events may have an entry fee, which will ensure only customers with a specific interest in these items will attend.  However, those events without an entry fee are sure to attract a wide range of people who may not have seen your company otherwise.  Give you customers some shade with outdoor displays like a Pop Up Tent and use a simple Table Throw to display your products.


Attract Shoppers with Colorful Outdoor Displays

Are you located in a prime shopping area? Whether you are or aren’t, colorful bow or feather flags can be the right outdoor displays to help your business stand out. Many shopping areas have a standard building style to keep the shops looking very similar.  With a feather flag, you can make your business stand out from the crowd. Is your business a little harder to find?  A feather flag can be a great way to direct customers to your storefront. Many surrounding businesses can understand the difficulty of working in a hole-in-the-wall location. Strike up a cross promotional opportunity so you can set your flag by their business and have their employees direct customers to you.

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