Make Customers Lean In to Your Trade Show Booth

When it comes to turning trade show attendees into  customers at your trade show booth, the three must’s to have are “interaction”, “enticement” and “utility”.

Make it interactive.

Let’s be honest, we all remember when we went to museums on field trips as kids, how dull solely reading the description plates below the artifacts was. It’s the same for trade shows. You want a trade show booth with more than just information. Attendees may have already seen 15 other booths that day and could likely use a breath of fresh air with a unique sales pitch. Stand out with interactive trade show booth activities. Use interactive product displays, such as a robot vacuum for a vacuum company that spurts out different company facts. Another option is using interactive games. You could host a “game show” where the guests can win prizes for answering questions about your company. The interactive activity should be fun, inclusive (so a big group or small can play) and  relate to the company– ideally convincing the interacting guests of why your company is worth doing further business with.

Entice the crowds.

Stop the passing trade show attendees in their tracks with attention to detail when crafting your trade show booth‘s design. The more life the booth has, the more life that will surround it. People only stop when something sparks their interest. For example, in the intricate display shown above, such attention to detail forces attendees to get up close to see it. Find a way to incorporate your product into a trade show booth display so attendees give it second look. If you are promoting a phone company, you could have a trade show booth display with lights that flicker on a map of the world to represent phone towers. This not only serves to catch the eye of passerby’s, but also is a wonderful model of the services the company provides.

trade show booths staff

Prove stopping is worth it.

Trade show attendees are at the convention for a reason. They want to explore potential business ventures offered by vendors. Show them how stopping by your trade show booth will be beneficial in one look. But how? It’s simple. Remember, although being detailed with engaging visuals is an important aspect of your trade show booth, you also need to clearly and concisely explain WHO your company is, WHAT your company has to offer and HOW you can be of service to the customer. As the trade show booth above displays, these three question’s do not have to be answered solely through text. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If you can successfully communicate your message with an image, than go for it.


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