Four Trade Show Display Costs Worth the Investment

When it comes to making your time, money and effort worthwhile, it is especially important to invest in four areas of trade show display tactics. These include: an efficiently sized staff, eye-catching trade show display, display samples and take home information.

4 Trade Show Display Costs Worth Investing In

First and foremost, be on your game with readily available staff.

No one likes to wait in line, unless it’s for the newest gaming console or smartphone.  If all of your representatives are busy, attendees will move on to the next booth.  Try to anticipate the amount of traffic you will attract and staff your booth appropriately.  Many attendees are interested in learning more about the industry or companies that are available to them.  These attendees might return to your booth just because it is busy, but if they never have a chance to speak with a representative, they will surely move on to a competitor’s booth.

Step two, investing in an attention-grabbing trade show display is of the most importance. Yes, trade show displays are more expensive than a poster board display and a tablecloth, but the extra money spent will be the best swipe you ever made on your company’s credit card.

When making this purchase, it is vital to be aware of your audience.  What are they looking for and how can your display prove that your company has what they need?  First, consider what products/services are you providing? There is a big difference between what a medical provider might look for and what an advertiser would be attracted to.  The medical provider might be more attracted to sterile whites and open supplies to try out, while an advertiser might be looking for clean, crisp displays and strategic messaging. Remember your brand, your message and your audience.  If you keep all of these in mind while designing your graphics and display, your trade show experience will be memorable.

Now onto to what is always a winner with people: free stuff! While displays and information are great, customers love to play with the product, especially if that product is a puppy.  As a trade show display creator, APG would bring samples of our display material and printing methods all under our newest trade show display.  Although we guarantee our quality, customers want to inspect the product themselves to develop their own opinions.
Trade show attendees love “booth loot” too.  Being able to leave a booth with something solid is a great way for an attendee to share your brand and his/her experience with your brand.  The better your loot, the more people will come to your booth.  Word spreads quickly when attendees find cool samples at a booth.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your booth loot.  It can be as simple as a multi-tool shaped like a key to fit on a keyring, or as silly as having a mascot for funny photo opportunities.  It all depends on your brand, your goals and your audience.

Last but not least, take home information is always a good idea. Even though customers are asking questions and listening to you talk about your company, it’s not a bad idea to have your key selling points available to hand out. This way, they can review what you have to offer at a later time when they can focus. Adding your contact information is another way to ensure your prospective clients can keep in touch with you. It is better to have somebody take a handout and not use it then have somebody need your information and not have access to it.

Fit these four tactics into your budget and I promise you your next trade show display will see the results you are looking for.

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