Trade Show Displays – A Customers Perspective

When designing and planning your trade show displays, you should start by putting yourself in the customers shoes.

  • What is it that “they” are looking for at that specific event, trade show or conference?
  • What is the average age group of your audience?
  • Should your trade show exhibit be interactive, simple and straight to the point or maybe filled with the latest technology?

Think about what trade show displays would grab the attention of your target demographic and get creative. Do some market research on your trade show exhibit audience. Create a trade show booth that will attract visitors to interact with your company’s booth as much as possible. And of course remember to leave them with something, like a trade show giveaway that is useful and they’ll want to keep.

When designing your trade show display booth, also think from the perspective that you know nothing about your company. Have some friends or family look at your final design and ask them if they get a clear message about your company. The last thing you want, is to have people walk by your trade show display booth and be confused and keep walking.


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