Top 5 Banner Stands for the Money

With a multitude of banner stands on the market, how does someone new to the industry or market find the right retractable banner stand without having to wade through hundreds, if not thousands, of products to find the right fit? 


We wondered the same thing. 


At APG, our goal is to see things from our client’s perspective and simplify the selection process. From sorting through our line of trade show banners, to gaining insight from previous customers’ purchasing preferences, and gleaning knowledge from years in the industry, we’ve decided to release our Top 5 Picks for banner stands in terms of cost, durability, practicality, and aesthetics — because no matter what the cost, it’s got to look good! 


Here are our recommended picks if you’re in the market for a top-notch Retractable Banner Stand for your tradeshow display:

1) Mosquito 800 Banner Stands

One our most popular retractable banner stands is the Mosquito 800, due to its exceptionally high quality without compromising its affordability. If you’re in the market for a light-weight and durable trade show banner that conveniently collapses and fits into its own padded carrying case, then this is the banner stand for you. Constructed with Anti-Curl Vinyl and featuring 3 different widths to choose from, purchasing this retractable banner stand is a no-brainer. Our always low price includes hardware, printed graphics, and carrying case. 


2) Quickwall 3 Banner Stand Kit

Essentially, the Quickwall 3 banner stand is designed to cover more surface area. In terms of popular trade show banner stands, this one’s a crowd pleaser for its ability to provide a low cost solution for a backwall display that just simply covers more real estate. You’re still getting the same quality and design of the Mosquito 800, however this unique product is 3 stands in 1 based on the popular Mosquito 800 retractable banner stand. In addition, a compact and hard-molded OCB case is included in the price. Enjoy years and years of use with the Quickwall 3 and know that wherever you’re setting up your tradeshow display or show exhibit, the 3-in-1 versatility can easily cover the backwall and help your company stand out among the competition. 


3) Orient 1000 Banner Stands

With the Orient 1000 Banner Stands you can rest assured that with a slightly higher investment you are also receiving a product manufactured with superior materials, designed to last longer, and created with larger dimension (both height and width) for use with bigger graphics or company logos. This product comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, heavy-duty premium rail and hardware, and, FLATMAXX anti-curl vinyl technology for your graphic display.


4) Imagine Retractable Banner Stands

Whenever possible, we recommend Imagine Banner Stands to our clients. Imagine retractable stands are known for their high quality of workmanship and lifetime warranty!  We will never recommend saving a little money if you have to compromise the structural integrity of the product. When our clients enter the market for tradeshow displays that stand the test of time, we enthusiastically endorse Imagine Rectractable banner stands. The fact that this product has been a top seller for over 5 years should indicate the built-in value you’re getting with this purchase. 

If you’re entering the trade show industry not just for a few shows, but on-going participation for the next several years, why skimp on price and sacrifice the quality and durability that you need from a retractable banner stand? Go with the clear winner: Imagine. 


5) Spring 3 Double-sided Spring Back Banner Stand

If you’re interested in doubling your surface area without doubling the price, then a 2-sided Spring 3 Budget Spring Back banner stand will be the right fit for your company. You get twice the printed graphics at the lowest possible price, while maximizing your coverage space and visibility…from more than one angle! Of course, the same high quality printing is executed on FLATMAXX anti-curl vinyl and set up is a snap. The prudent and cost-effective choice for your trade show needs. 




Contact us now or check out our online inventory to view some of the most popular products in the industry at the most competitive pricing available. 

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